Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hellblazer #290

Next up tonight, the latest issue of Hellblazer... To be honest, I have no idea why this issue is so low in my comic pile, but whatever, I guess...

Hellblazer #290:

Summary: Epiphany makes a deal with the First of the Fallen to bring her father back to life in exchange for her father's soul, since there was something the First wanted Terry to do... Something he was uniquely suited for... From there, the now live Terry heads to his club and surveys the damage, and figures Constantine had something to do with it. As for Constantine, after dropping Gemma off at the hospital, he heads back to his apartment to finally take a break, since he'd been going non-stop since heading to Hell. Before he can do any resting, Terry arrives and pulls a gun, ranting at Constantine for killing his men as revenge for what Terry did to Gemma(which Constantine had no idea about). Constantine quickly realizes that Terry's soul had been vouched to a demon, and proceeds to beat Terry unconscious with a flower?! Constantine RULES!! The First chooses that time to appear, telling Constantine that if he left Terry alone, he'd allow Constantine's sister's soul to move on to heaven, since it was trapped in Limbo due to Constantine reneging on a deal he made with the First in Hell. Constantine reluctantly makes the deal, and then has the First teleport him to Epiphany. The two have a quick conversation about what had happened, and this one ends with Constantine deciding to deal with his evil twin once and for all.

Thoughts: Another good issue from this series. This storyline in particular has been really good, and Epiphany giving her father's soul over to the First should make for all sorts of fun going forward... I can't wait to see why the First was so eager to have Terry's soul to begin with... Everything wasn't great though, as the ending kind of came out of nowhere... So suddenly, to end this storyline, Constantine is going to face down his evil twin? Why exactly? His evil twin is already in Hell, what more can he do to it/him? So yeah, the ending was a bit weird to me, but everything else was quite enjoyable.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.
hellblazer #290
Yup, Constantine's life sucks.

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