Friday, April 13, 2012

Saga #2

I'm still a bit in shock after how terrible the last comic I reviewed was, so bear with me here while I try to regain my senses... If this review turns out to be worse than usual, blame New Avengers #24 and the splitting headache it left me with.

Saga #2:

Summary: In the Endless Woods, Alana and Marco are being attacked by some angry vegetation. Luckily for the star-crossed couple, Marco manages to free them from the mad plants with a magic spell. The two decide to sit down and take a break, since they'd been on the run since Alana had given birth to Hazel, and within moments, the two, and Hazel, are sound asleep. A little later, Hazel wakes the two up with a shrill cry, and Marco soon feels the presence of someone or something else. To show whatever was in the woods that he meant no harm, Marco lays down his sword, and a strange spider-looking woman emerges from behind the trees. The woman introduces herself as The Stalk, and Alana quickly realizes that The Stalk was a freelance mercenary. The Stalk stabs her tongue through Marco's shoulder, before turning her attentions to Alana and Hazel. The Stalk tells Alana that she had been hired to kill Alana and Marco, but bring Hazel back to her paymasters in one piece. Upon hearing that, Alana puts a gun to Hazel's head, since Alana felt Hazel would be better off dead then with whoever The Stalk was working for. The Stalk isn't sure if Alana is bluffing or not, but before she can decide, the two women hear a strange noise in the distance. The Stalk realizes that the noise was coming from the Horrors, and decides to take off to safety, leaving Alana, Hazel and the still unconscious Marco behind. This issue ends with Alana turning around to see a bunch of mutilated-looking ghost children standing there, asking her if she needed a hand.

Thoughts: I liked this comic. It's still early on in the series, and Brian K. Vaughn is still building up the world of Saga, so I'm not completely immersed yet, but I'm sure in time I will be. As with last issue, all of the pieces for a fantastic series are here, it's just a matter of waiting for those pieces to fall together. I say by the 5th or 6th issues of this series I should be 1,000% sold on this comic.

Score: 7 out of 10.
saga #2
I'd be intrigued to see that......


  1. I really really really love this series. It is the most fucked up awesome fantasy story ever! Totally agree with you with every word you just said, i just cant wait for the huge "wtf" momment that will make this comic as awesome.

    Also are you going to grab Avenging Spider man #6? I hear it is suppose to continue into the punisher and daredevil books for a three-way fight between the heroes for the omega drive daredevil has who he stole from Mr fantastic (comics everybody!).

  2. Yes! I am SO looking forward to seeing when we get that wtf moment that absolutely drags me into this story like Y did. I know it's coming, I just can't wait for it! I KNOW this is going to become a favorite series of mine sometime soon!

    As for Avenging... I probably will. I'm not sure, but I probably will.

  3. If you pick up avenging 6, might i reccomend #5? It was one of the best one and dones i've read in a LONG time. Spidey and caps relationship is displayed perfectly. Their similarities and their differences. Probably one of my favorite comis so far this year. If not, my favorite.

  4. I have to remember to keep an eye open for Avenging #5 when I hit the comic shop tomorrow... I'm actually writing it down on my list of books to get right now!