Monday, April 16, 2012

Grifter #8

Another day, another new comic review. Tonight we'll start with the latest issue of Grifter, and the final issue before Rob Liefeld's awful shadow falls over this series...

Grifter #8:

Summary: This issue opens with the Daemonites crashing an airplane Grifter was in, killing his ally, Sofia, in the process(guess Liefeld didn't want her around). From there, Grifter's brother, Max, shows up, possessed by a Daemonite... Wait, what?! Max attacks Grifter, who parries Max's blows, trying desperately to reach some part of Max in his body, but only finding the Daemonite. After a while, Max manages to get in touch with Grifter telepathically and begs Grifter to kill him, since he didn't want the Daemonite who had possessed his body to kill Grifter. Grifter sadly obliges his brother, and shoots him in the head(I guess Liefeld didn't want him around either!). From there, Grifter shoots several other Daemonites, while another Daemonite seems pleased by this, since this Daemonite seemed to believe that now Grifter would take out his vengeance on the Black Curate, leaving the mystery Daemonite to pick up the pieces.

Thoughts: Woo, this comic was ALL over the place!! I don't blame the writer, Nathan Edmondson, at all though. He was forced to wrap up ALL of his stories in this one issue, which made for a VERY jarring experience. Sofia dies like four pages in, and then we discover that Max had been possessed by a Daemonite, even though the last we saw him(last issue I think), he was back with the government... And then Grifter has to kill Max, giving us a death with little meaning, since Max has appeared in a grand total of four comics, mostly on a page or two. Yeah, he's Grifter's brother, but other than that, we have zero reason to care about him... You know how sometimes I'll say a comic was rushed? THIS comic right here was the embodiment of a rushed book! It's hard for me to even give this issue a proper score, since everything was so forced, and not because of the writer, but because of the future co-writer... I guess I'll just go with a middle of the pack number and leave it at that. Before I end this post though, here's one good thing... Liefeld isn't actually writing this series, he's just doing the scripts, with Frank Tieri doing the writing, so maybe Tieri can make Liefeld's ideas somewhat good... Oh, and the best thing? Liefeld isn't drawing this series! Because if he was, I'd have no choice but to drop it!

Score: 5 out of 10.
grifter #8
So wait, Max is a Daemonite now!? I thought he was in the hospital!

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