Saturday, April 21, 2012

Irredeemable #36

Wow, one more issue and then this series is history... I think it's one more issue... It may be two, but regardless, the Irredeemable saga is almost at an end. I can't wait to see how it all shakes out...

Irredeemable #36:

Summary: Gil, Kaidan and Scylla are attacked by one of the Plutonian's goons on the orders of Modeus(who was in the guise of Bette Noir). In order to defeat the villain, Sy sacrifices his life... well, his ghost life, to save the woman he loves in Kaidan. Meanwhile, Modeus is gloating after having had sex with the Plutonian in Bette's body last issue. However, Qubit arrives on the scene and attacks Modeus. Qubit can't stop Modeus/Bette on his own, and tells the recently awakened Plutonian to do it... The only way Modeus could be stopped was if the Plutonian killed him/her, and all three characters present know that. The Plutonian makes Qubit ask the Plutonian to kill Modeus, just to prove that Qubit wasn't as high and mighty as he liked to think of himself as. Once Qubit asks, the Plutonian blasts Modeus/Bette violently, killing Bette's body. Modeus leaps into Qubit's mind, hoping to take him over, but soon realizes that Qubit had planned for this, and had erected massive psychic barriers in his mind to contain Modeus. With Modeus now at Qubit's mercy, Qubit goes through Modeus's mind and discovers the way to save the Earth from the massive radiation fallout that was threatening it. Qubit tells the Plutonian that once he did what was necessary, Qubit would allow the Plutonian his second chance at life... Unfortunately for Qubit, the Plutonian discovered that Qubit had been lying about that second chance all along, and this issue ends with the Plutonian calling Qubit on that very fact(!)..

Thoughts: I'm gonna miss this series when it's gone.. It's been a really good read. Anyway, as for this issue? It was okay. It wasn't great or anything, but it WAS good. It all does seem rushed(for example, why have Modeus sleep with the Plutonian in Bette's body and then kill Bette's body off this issue... That seemed like it could have led to something...), but the cliffhanger here, and the final confrontation between the Plutonian(the world's strongest man) and Qubit(the world's smartest man) to close out this series should be awesome... Or at least I hope so...

Score: 7 out of 10.
irredeemable #36
You got caught, Modeus!  HA!!

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