Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Batman #8

Last review of the night is the latest issue of Batman, which is priced at $4 for some bizarre reason... I guess this issue is double sized or something, because, as far as I know, this isn't normally one of DC's $4 books.

Batman #8:

Summary: This issue gets started in earnest with several Talons from the Court of Owls breaking into Wayne Manor in order to kill Bruce Wayne. Bruce manages to fight his way through a few of them, while Alfred heads to the Batcave to try to tell Bruce where the Talons are coming from. The answer? Everywhere. Bruce has to retreat to the Cave, and is soon followed by several Talons. Alfred manages to pin one beneath that giant penny in the Cave, which allows Bruce to snatch a piece of tech from the Talon's arm bracer. Bruce and Alfred manage to get into the heavily reinforced armory in the Cave, and Bruce tells Alfred to drop the temperature in the Cave(since that would short out the Talons' healing factors), as well as to figure out what info was on that tech. As for Bruce, he puts on his... well, his Hulkbusting Batman armor(that's what it looked like!) and heads out of the armory to buy Alfred some time. Alfred manages to crack the tech and learns that the Court was targeting every major mover and shaker in Gotham that evening. Upon learning that, Batman tells Alfred to put a call out to all of the members of the Bat-family, asking them to try to help as many of the targeted figures as they could before it was too late.

Thoughts: This was a very strong comic. Sure, the Hulkbuster armor was a bit much(when did Bruce Wayne become Tony Stark?!), and I have no clue why Damian wasn't in the Manor but was in Gotham, alone, in his Robin attire... Besides those two very minor points though? No complaints here. Oh, and this comic had 30 pages, so it DID have a few more than usual, thus explaining the cover price, so kudos to DC for giving us some extra bang for our extra buck... Unlike a certain OTHER comic book company...

Score: 8 out of 10.
batman #8
See! Hulkbusting armor!!


  1. Batman and detective have both went to 4 dollars because of strong sales (Detective!?!?!) lol. But yes I do believe batman and detective (AGAIN, DETECTIVE!?!?!) will remain at 4 bucks. Possibly only through the crossover event, but it think for good. Anyway, looking forward to reading this, and this definitely isn't the first hulk buster type armor we've seen batman wear. nice review!

  2. I loved this book, and I agree, why the hell was Robin patrolling by himself is something I was thinking. But considering Bruce was missing for days I guess it makes sense. Also, I was annoyed at how Red Hood looked like Red Skull in this book...

  3. I know Detective and Action(and possibly something I'm blanking on) were DC's $4 books, which I'm fine with because it's DETECTIVE and ACTION! But if they raise the price of Batman for good, I'll be a bit annoyed... That is SO a Marvel move to make... I don't like it when Marvel does it, and I sure as hell wouldn't like it if DC starts doing it.

    Especially in light of the stuff going on in Batman and Robin(which would have happened before this issue), JT... There's NO way Bruce should have let Damian out there on his own after what went down in Bats and Robin!

  4. True, but you figure Bruce was missing for days, came back all messed up from the fight then Nightwing came over, who's to say it's been more than one night? I could see Robin on patrol by himself when Bruce is AWOL.

    This isn't related but I'm VERY curious to see what you think of the end of Red Hood and the Outlaws.

  5. I think Hood is slated to be read tomorrow night... I'd read it tonight, but you know... Work... :/

  6. Yeah, I figured as much dude. I enjoyed it, I'd say what I would have given it but I don't wanna influence ya. The end was what I really liked though.

  7. Cool. I look forward to finding out what you would have scored it. I'm gonna guess that I give it a 5 1/2 without even reading, simply based on the cover. Let's see how close I am to that.