Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Captain America & Hawkeye #629

Last review of the night? Hows about a little Captain America/Hawkeye action? Some of my favorite Cap issues from the 80's had Cap and Hawkeye teaming up, and when written correctly, those two characters have, in my humble opinion, the best dynamic out of all the Avengers. Yep, I'm a HUGE mark for both of these characters, so this BETTER be good!!

Captain America & Hawkeye #629:

Summary: This issue opens with Captain America and Hawkeye battling a bunch of armed goons in New Mexico. It seems some environmentalists had gone missing so the two longtime Avengers have decided to look into it... At which point they ran afoul the armed goons. Cap and Hawkeye manage to take the goons out(while bickering with each other the entire time), at which point a woman by the name of Kash shows up to tell the two Avengers they were trespassing. Long story short, Kash heads the Damocles Research Facility, and she had sent the armed men out to look for the missing environmentalists herself... Or so she claims... Cap, and especially Hawkeye, don't exactly believe her. Regardless, Kash takes the two Avengers into the research facility and reveals that they they had found a lot of dinosaur bones in the caverns around the facility, and oh yeah, a horribly mutated member of her security team that was caught and carried off by some sort of weird creatures. Hawkeye figures that Kash and her people were somehow trying to figure out a way to weaponize the dinosaur bones and Kash doesn't confirm nor deny that accusation. After some more information, Kash takes the two to a secure doorway that leads into the caverns where the creatures first broke into the facility. Cap and Hawkeye go in for a look and are soon attacked by a creature that looks like a combination of Venom and a dinosaur's skeleton. Hawkeye manages to down the creature with an explosive arrow, but unfortunately, the explosion ends up drawing A LOT more of the creatures to Cap and Hawkeye's location, ending this issue.

Thoughts: Huh, this comic was pretty much perfect... By the time I got to the end I was desperately looking for something, anything, that I could point at and say, “Nope, I didn't like this.” However, I never found that thing. Great dialogue? Check. An inviting story? Check. Good art? Check. And the biggie for me since I'm such a huge fan of both, Cap and Hawkeye portrayed properly? Yep, that gets a check too. Not only that, but this comic actually felt more like a team-up book between two equals. It didn't feel like Hawkeye guest starring in Cap's book. Both characters have their strengths and weaknesses, and Cullen Bunn did a great job displaying those here. Seriously, I don't have a bad thing to say about this issue... Which means, for the SECOND time in ONE night...

Score: 10 out of 10. Awesome, after months WITHOUT a perfect score, I've got two in a row!!
captain america & hawkeye #629
The dialogue between these two was just perfect here...


  1. Damn! 2012 is shaping up!

    i got 2 perfect scorce books myself today
    Aquaman and The Ultimates
    sense ur not reading it any more i asume u wont mind spoilers?

    xorn and a batalion of the people engage the children of tomorrow
    xorn goes all out and creates a black hole witch consumes all of the children they where engaged with

    the President agienst Nick Fury's Wishes launches alomost the Entirety of Americas Nuclear arsenal at Reed Richards City!
    the children manage to absorb 97 precent of the blast, but 13 precent of the city still is destroyed.
    reed retaliates by teleporting a defective member of his race as a suicide Bomber in to congress, erasing Washington off the face of the earth including the president and all of Congress! SHIT!
    also it looks like Ultimate Tonys Cancer has returned.

  2. oh and ill just leave this here

  3. Okay, Cap slugging Wolvie like that? That comic is going to be at least a 9 now, even without me reading anything else! :D

    As for Ultimates, what is it with the Ultimate Universe and destroying entire cities! Are the heroes that lousy there?!