Thursday, April 12, 2012

Journey Into Mystery #636

First up tonight is the final issue of the Nightmare/Daimon Hellstrom storyline in this series... After the absolute garbage we got with Daimon in the Fearless, this issue is probably going to be the last time I get to see Daimon in a non-evil role for a while. And that makes me both sad AND angry...

Journey Into Mystery #636:

Summary: This issue begins with Nightmare finishing up the creation of his EVIL MALFESTED DREAM CROWN(in all caps), while Loki secretly calls a meeting with the other Fear Lords to tell them that Nightmare was plotting to become the King of Fear, with, yes, that's right, his EVIL MALFESTED DREAM CROWN. The other Fear Lords attack Nightmare and defeat him, with the Dweller-in-Darkness stealing the EVIL MALFESTED DREAM CROWN for himself. The other Fear Lords don't like THAT idea anymore than Nightmare holding the EVIL MALFESTED DREAM CROWN, and go after him. In other words, the Fear Lords would end up in constant battle with one another, with none of them ever managing to claim the EVIL MALFESTED DREAM CROWN due to the interference of the others. Which was Loki's plan all along. Daimon Hellstrom(who is GOOD in this issue) takes his leave(presumably to become EVIL), but warns Loki that if one of the Fear Lords were to ever gain possession of the EVIL MALFESTED DREAM CROWN, he'd blame Loki and come for him. From there we get some shenanigans between Loki and Leah in Broxton, and this issue ends.

Thoughts: This issue read SO fast! Seriously, I was done with it in like a minute or two! I enjoyed this issue, and to be honest, kind of wanted it to go on a bit longer... I thought the way Loki tricked the Fear Lords was really slick, but again, it all ended so quickly... I don't know, I guess that's a weird gripe to have about a comic, but yeah, the briskness of this one did kind of hurt my enjoyment of it just a tad.

Score: 7 out of 10.
journey into mystery #636
In this issue, Daimon Hellstrom is: GOOD.


  1. I'm glad this arc is over. It seemed to take focus away from Loki and company, and instead gave a lot of attention to the boring fear lords and Hellstrom, who I have no interest or attachment to. The arc was more plot-centric, whereas I prefer more character-centric stories (like that circle of four arc in Venom you keep hating on X :)). Looking forward to the JiM/New Mutants crossover, but I fear we may have similar problems to this arc.

  2. HA! We are definitely on diffrent sides of the fence when it comes to this issue and Circle, TRobb! I wish Daimon and the fear lords would have been in it more! :D