Sunday, April 1, 2012

Daredevil #10

Final review of the night is going to be Daredevil. Now, normally I hate Mole Man. A lot. He's one of those characters who I see as belonging to a different, more lighthearted time and not fitting in with the present. But last issue Mark Waid took Mole Man in a direction where I could actually see him working in the present... Let's see if Waid builds on Mole Man's new UBER-creepy persona, or if Mole Man reverts back to a Penguin-like joke of a character.

Daredevil #10:

Summary: Daredevil escapes the giant subterranean monster, but finds Mole Man gone. Using his enhanced hearing, DD locates Mole Man, who was chatting up a female corpse... Mole Man gives us the backstory as to why he wanted this woman's corpse(she was nice to him when they were both scientists and Mole Man had a crush on her), at which time DD enters Mole Man's room. The two battle(with Mole Man showing some serious fighting skills for a nearly blind, old, fat man) and DD eventually defeats Mole Man. DD takes some diamonds that were around Mole Man's base and ties Mole Man up, taking the dead woman's body back to the surface with him. Unfortunately, DD realizes that there's really nothing he could do about all of the other remains Mole Man had brought underground while searching for his dead “girlfriend” and instead uses the diamonds to fund the rebuilding and beatifying of the graveyard Mole Man had desecrated. This issue ends with DD finding a letter from Black Cat warning DD that there were some serious baddies hunting him down in an attempt to get that hard drive from him.

Thoughts: This was a good comic. It wasn't great, and there was a warped part of me that was kind of disappointed that Mole Man actually had a reason for stealing that poor woman's corpse, but it was good. I still think the way to go with Mole Man was to just make him as creepy as possible, and have him pillaging graves and swiping bodies like a really sick freak. I mean hell, it's not like the 4 Mole Man fans out there will be that outraged about the change in Mole Man's character, plus it would actually give us(and the various heroes) a reason to really despise him. Eh, again, this was a good read, but not something I'll be talking about for weeks to come.

Score: 7 out of 10.
daredevil #10
Did this fight really just happen?!?


  1. hey man quick question, was Jack of Hearts alive or dead at the end of Avengers The Childrens Crusade?

  2. hey man here is an advanced review of Avengers vs X-men
    no spoilers in it :)

  3. Dead I believe, Movieartman. The only time he showed up was when Wanda and the YA went back to the past right before Jack blew up and started Disassembled. I don't think he was ever in the present. I still think Jack could easily come back though, considering his whole thing is that he blows up...

    HA! I'm not even gonna look at that link! I want to read that entire issues from cover to cover Wednesday afternoon! :P