Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Deadpool #53

The first review of this new comic week is the book I designated this week's Pick of the Litter, Deadpool. The cliffhanger last issue leaves this issue really up in the air, so we'll see just where Dan Way takes Deadpool in this issue.

Deadpool #53:

Summary: We find out that Tombstone actually DID give Hydra Bob the serum that would negate Deadpool's healing factor, with the deal being that Bob would alert Tombstone that Pool was vulnerable so Tombstone could kill Pool off. Pool is delighted by this turn of events and thanks Bob before teleporting away. Pool heads to X-Force and basically taunts them all for being suckers and doing his bidding. That pisses them off, which is exactly what Pool wanted, so he leaves before Wolvie can gut him. Pool teleports back to Bob to gloat that X-Force would make sure to kill him, but Bob rants at Pool, telling him that the deal Bob made was that in exchange for the serum, TOMBSTONE had to kill Deadpool, nobody else... And if somebody else killed Pool? You know Tombstone would be taking it out on Bob... Bob goes on to explain that he had hoped that injecting Pool with the serum would make Pool realize how valuable life was, forcing Pool to forget his death wish... So now Pool is faced with the realization that if he dies, Bob, his only true friend, would die a brutal death at the hands of an angry Tombstone. As for X-Force? This issue ends with Wolverine declaring that they would be killing Deadpool for all of the crap he put the team through.

Thoughts: I enjoyed reading this comic. I had a smile on my face throughout most of it, and really, isn't that what reading a comic should do? The fact that Bob had the serum kind of made sense, since he was a known associate of Pool, and would be able to get close to him, so I get why Tombstone would give Bob the serum. I also get why Bob stuck Pool with the serum, because he was hoping that feeling “normal” would give Pool a different outlook on life, and make him want to live. The only thing I didn't get was why Pool didn't simply shoot himself in the head or allow Wolvie to murder him at the X-Force base... Why anger X-Force, leading them to chasing Pool around before they killed him? If the end result Pool wanted was to die at the hands of X-Force, well he had that chance in THIS issue... But then this IS Deadpool we're talking about, so I probably shouldn't try to spend too much time pondering his actions.

Score: 8 out of 10.
deadpool #53
As am I.


  1. I think a lot of people who are down on this issue missed a few key things:

    1. It's just one issue in the whole story.

    2. The ride is not quite over yet.

    I personally think the purpose of this issue will go over many people's heads. It was absolutely necessary for the big payoff I'm expecting in #54. The calm before the storm.

  2. Eh, some people are just never going to be into Deadpool, and no matter how good the story, they'll always hate on him because they don't like the character. I liked this issue, thought it was solid, and can't wait to see what it leads to next issue. That's good enough for me!

  3. X-Man its simple, deadpool likes to be flashy this is no secret, in fact it is commonly known that deadpool will do mindlessly insane things that will turn out bad for him just for the sake of flashyness, have a world war with hawkeye(actually bullseye) buy a pirate ship, invade avengers tower for a credit card. Its just part of his charm so of course how could be not expect Deadpool to not want to go out in the most over the top way in a method only imaginable by deadpool

  4. Exactly what I was gonna say Anon, Deadpool isn't gonna settle for being gutted by Wolvie like so many others, he's made it so Daken, The X-Force, Kingpin and his crew and Tombstone are all after him, which would be an awesome way to go out instead of just a lazy suicide.

  5. Yeah, I def hear what you guys are saying about Pool having to do his death in a really flashy/extraordinary way, he pretty much said as much in this one when he told Bob he'd created a deathtrap for himself that he'd never escape from... But still, the guy has craved Death's embrace for SO long now, it's finally within his reach, and yet he STILL won't just die! A simple bullet to the head would finally give Pool his heart's desire!! But yeah, it's Deadpool, he's crazy, so I probably shouldn't go looking too deeply for logic there! :P

    1. You know, I keep thinking: Deadpool is committing suicide.

      Maybe that's not the case. In his mind, maybe getting killed by, say, Wolverine isn't suicide if he fights for real even though he knows he can't possibly win without a healing factor.