Friday, April 20, 2012

Wolverine and the X-Men #9

And now for something a bit different... The comic I'm about to review is the one I named my Runt of the Litter this past Wednesday, or the comic I was least looking forward to reading. However, upon actually getting it I saw that it was an AvX x-over issue, so I'm kind of hoping it won't be as bad as the past few issues have been... We'll see I guess.

Wolverine and the X-Men #9(AvX tie-in):

Summary: Captain America heads to Wolvie's school in order to alert Wolvie and Beast about the impending arrival of the Phoenix. Beast is ready to head into space with the Avengers Cap was sending out to try to intercept the Phoenix(really? That's the worst plan EVER!), while Wolvie agrees to go with Cap to attack Crazy Mutie Island to take Hope into protective custody(in Cap's mind). In Wolvie's mind, he's heading to Crazy Mutie Island to kill Hope if it turns out the Phoenix was corrupting her, since he didn't want to deal with another Dark Phoenix situation. As for other events, Rachel and Kid Omega get hit with a telepathic shockwave from the Phoenix, which leads the student body into thinking the rumors of the Phoenix's return were true, since Omega and Rachel both had dealings with the Phoenix in the past. This one ends with Gladiator deciding to head to Earth to retrieve his son, since the Shi'ar realize the Phoenix was headed straight there... Honestly, if I was Gladiator and MY kid was Kid Gladiator? I'd HAPPILY leave him on Earth to be destroyed...

Thoughts: Meh. No new ground was really covered here, with the exception of the Gladiator/Earth thing. There were a few things I skipped over, but I did say on Wednesday I'd be forced to breeze through a few reviews due to my work schedule, and this was one of those cases. Anyway, this issue was better than most of the issues from this series have been, but overall? I'm still not a fan of this series, and I'll still be dropping it after AvX ends.

Score: 6 out of 10.
wolverine and the x-men #9
A B-minus?! No way!


  1. something you might like to here, uncanny x-force is back to being damn good :), some progess between Phantomx and Psyloke, some heart wrenching stuff with aoa night crawler, some disturbing creepy as hell stuff with deadpool, and some sad but Justified stuff with cap britian" (dont worry he doesnt drag down the issue at all) hope you like it, aslo Venom was Supurb

  2. I actually read both last night(I have NO idea when I'll have reviews for them up! Tomorrow? Monday?), and yeah, I totally agree. They were both pretty damn good. Especially Venom! I liked X-Force too, but yeah, I REALLY don't want to see Capt. Britain there! :P Venom was pretty awesome though, I loved the swerve at the end.

  3. Honestly? Unless something really drastic happens in "Avengers vs. X-Men" to change up the teams, the only core X-book title I plan on getting after it is "X-Men Legacy." I effing hate the Extinction team in "Uncanny" and I find that Aaron keeps trying to make this title "fun" but instead makes it annoying. Gage is just doing such a better job with both the faculty and the students. I also think I'm dropping "X-Men" before it starts the cross-over event, just because I don't see it adding all that much.

  4. You and me both, JW. Like you said, unless there's a major shake-up of all things X(and since that just happened with Schism, I don't know if it'll happen again so soon), Legacy will be the lone X-book I'm buying. I'm still contemplating Astonising, but as of right now, it would only be Legacy... Which is a title I wasn't even buying a few months ago... Go figure.