Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Winter Soldier #4

Next up, the last review I'll be posting for the night, Winter Soldier. Tomorrow I plan on posting two reviews(Wolverine and Journey Into Mystery), but I'll probably have them posted a little later than usual. But rest assured, they WILL be posted! Eventually...

Winter Soldier #4:

Summary: With Bucky managing to (barely)convince Dr. Doom that Lucia Von Bardas was trying to start a war between Latveria and the US, Bucky and Doom head to the location of the international incident Von Bardas was planning... The UN Building. As for Black Widow, she is still trying to track down Von Bardas's assistant, the Red Ghost. Doom manages to arrive at the UN Building and attacks his Doombot before it can carry out the orders Von Bardas had programmed into it, while Bucky is forced to fight one of the Soviet Sleeper agents Von Bardas had working with the Doombot to pull off her plan. Doom defeats his Doombot, while Bucky ends up defeating the Sleeper, but in doing so the Sleeper accidentally manages to kill himself. Before the Sleeper dies though, he tells Bucky that Von Bardas's plans were still moving forward since the attack at the UN was actually just some misdirection... This issue ends with Von Bardas and the Red Ghost entering Latveria and gaining access to the site of Dr. Doom's nuclear missiles(!).

Thoughts: I have to say, I found myself really enjoying this comic, but a lot of that had to do with Doom... I'm telling you, dialogue-wise, Doom is probably my favorite character in all of comics. It would be between Doom and Thor, but I think Doom would take the prize. Anyway, Besides the awesomeness that is Victor Von Doom, the story moved along nicely here. I liked that Von Bardas's plan wasn't simply to stage an assassination at the UN, but was to actually gain access to Latveria's nuclear arsenal and use it against America. Sure, her plan banked on a lot of events outside her influence occurring(such as Doom not being in Latveria), but overlooking that, I liked where Ed Brubaker took this story. The next issue is apparently the final part of this storyline, and it should go without saying I'm REALLY curious to see what happens and how Bucky and/or the Black Widow manage to prevent Von Bardas's nuclear attack.

Score: 8 out of 10.
winter soldier #4
The insults Doom hurls at his Doombot in this issue are just plain epic.


  1. I have yet to read this issue, but I can easily and wholeheartedly agree with doom being one of the best. Not only one of the best villains in general, but when it comes to his dialogue; it's always golden! Brubaker can write doom to Have you read his "Books of Doom?" I loved it. Hoping doom is involved in more story lines this year!

  2. x-man my good man may i make a request?
    i typed up reviews for Carnage (1-5: 2011) and Carnage USA (1-5) for my tumblr
    i was wondering if i could sumbit them to you and if ur cool with it post them here on your blog? there pretty much in the same format as your reviews.
    if you prefer not to do so its all good.

  3. I DID read Books of Doom, Cap! But that was right around when I first got back into comics and before I realized that Brubaker was a comic writing god, so that mini is probably due a serious re-read sometime soon... Doing a post in Doom-speak would be pretty fun actually, because as stated, Victor Von Doom is the man...

    I didn't even know you had a tumblr blog, Movieartman! Thanks a ton for the offer but I was actually planning on posting reviews for them! :D I managed to snag the five issues of the first Carnage mini cheap like two or three weeks ago(I remember somebody, maybe you, saying they were really good), and planned on getting the recent one when it came out in trade form and then doing a big post for 'em on a light comic week.

    1. Yes! do read it again. It stands as one of my favorite mini's. Nothing entirely groundbreaking just solid storytelling and fantastic dialogue and character insight. Talking about it makes me want to read it again and i think I will purchase the trade if i can find it cheap!

  4. ah cools cools hope you enjoy both books :)
    on my tumblr i tipicaly just rant about random crap and post comic scans and such
    here it is if you wanna check it out, i havent posted the carnage review on it yet so dont worry about it spoiling the book for you

  5. Unfortunately, I can't nest comments under other comments at this blog(even though I can at my other blog...), so I have to respond to you here, Cap. I think I will dig it out, Cap. About two weeks ago I brought myself a mess of Marvel minis that I didn't already own(Carnage, Ultimate Human, two Darktowers, an Anita Blake, and some other things I'm blanking on), so I'll just stick Books with those other minis. to be honest, it's been so long I barely remember what happened in Books, so it'll be like I'm reading it for the first time!

    You make your tumblr sound a lot like my blog with the ranting about random crap and comic scans! I've done that for years! :D I'll def check that site out now that I know it exists.

  6. Loved this issue, love this series. It's everything we hoped it would be! Bucky and Doom's banter was so good that I'm going to be said to see Doom go after next issue. I'd totally read a Doom/Bucky mini-series!

  7. HA! I'd SO buy a Bucky/Doom mini-series! It would be tough trying to figure out a way to get them together again, but I'd be ALL for it!