Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Supergirl #8

We're gonna start the night off in a pretty bad way... And that's all on me, not the comic book I'm reading. Here's the story. Usually when I do a review, I'll either do it once I finish reading a comic(while it's fresh on my mind), or I'll take a day, and then type up the review with the comic on hand for reference. This time though? I read this comic two nights ago and don't have the issue readily available... So I'm gonna totally wing it. Needless to say, expect me to miss LOTS of info here!

Supergirl #8:

Summary: The cops surround a tired Supergirl in Times Square after her battle with the Worldkillers last issue. A recent Irish immigrant named Siobhan Something(sorry, blanking on the last name...) rushes to SG's aid and scolds the cops for threatening SG after she had saved the city. Oh yeah, and Siobhan can also speak Kryptonian... More on that in a few. Eventually SG gets tired of the cops pointing their weapons at her, so she grabs Siobhan and flies to a nearby rooftop. While there, Siobhan explains that she has some sort of powers that allows her to know and speak any language. The cops track the two females down by this point, so SG and Siobhan escape to Siobhan's apartment. Siobhan has SG change her clothes, since her super-hero outfit was a wee bit conspicuous, and the two head out to a club, since Siobhan had a gig. While Siobhan is singing, Siobhan's father, some evil magic type named the Black Banshee attacks. SG tries to step in, but since Black Banshee is magic fueled, he easily knocks SG aside. This issue ends with Siobhan turning into the Silver Banshee to confront her evil father.

Thoughts: Well, here's hoping that issue was relatively close to what happened here! Anyway, there was a lot of good here. I thought this was a good, solid issue, which is par for the course when it comes to this series. There was NO doubt that Siobhan was Silver Banshee, since the cover of this issue(as well as Siobhan's over-the-top accent) spoiled that, but I DID like the fact that, for now at least, Siobhan appears to be a good guy. I'm definitely interested to see where things go with regards to that.

Score: 7 out of 10.
supergirl #8
Why grandma, what a big mouth you have!

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