Friday, April 20, 2012

Avengers #25

We'll close out the night with one more AvX crossover comic. This one comes from the mind of Bendis, so who knows what I'm in store for... Say what you will about Bendis, but he usually has a big problem trying to coordinate his regular books with event books, so I'm not feeling optimistic going into this one...

Avengers #25(AvX tie-in):

Summary: This is pretty much a flashback issue from before the Avengers invaded Crazy Mutie Island. Bendis DOES give us a splash page from the battle on the Island, thus explaining how this is an AvX x-over issue, I guess... Anyway, Captain America is feeling glum due to the way things have been going down lately. Thor stops by to lift Cap's spirits, and Cap gets even better news when Protector shows up and tells Cap where a major AIM base was located. Cap assembles the Avengers and heads to the AIM base, bringing the criminals down, and finally giving Cap a win after a string of embarrassing losses. This issue ends with Protector being told by the Supreme Intelligence(who sprouted an extra set of eyes specially for this issue) that he was to intercept and contain the Phoenix Force, and was to eliminate anybody who got in his way of doing so.

Thoughts: I'd have given this issue a full half-point higher if Norman Osborn didn't appear here! Seriously, I can't even remember the last Avengers book Osborn DIDN'T appear in! Sure, it wasn't actually Osborn, just Osborn talking on TV, but goddamn it, enough is enough Bendis!! NO MORE OSBORN!! Anyway, this wasn't an awful issue. It shouldn't have been labeled an AvX tie-in, because it barely tied into that event, but what can ya do? The end with the Supreme Intelligence talking to Noh-Varr was kind of interesting, if only because Noh-Varr(which is a better name than Protector...), to my knowledge, hasn't had any dealings with THIS dimension's Intelligence. The Intelligence he dealt with was from his dimension. Besides that, I thought the Inhumans led the Kree now, NOT the Intelligence... Eh, I'm not gonna thing too hard about it, because it'll just give me a headache... Bottom line, this wasn't a very good comic, but it wasn't a horrible comic, and sadly, that's about as good as it can get for this series.

Score: 6 out of 10.
avengers #25
I love that battle cry... It had better be in the movie...


  1. Don't worry.. if the battle cry doesn't show up in the movie, we can all grab pitch-forks, and march over to Marvel's studio, where we will proceed to over-throw them, and establish supremacy over the MU. From there we will move on up the latter to taking control of Disney, and then, the world Truly will be ours, as Disney runs the world...

    Crazyness aside, yeah, alot of the tie-ins look like they're just going to give little bits of relevant side story, while the rest you won't even notice as important, or would have already seen in the main line.

  2. I love that idea! I'm in!! As long as we yell “Avengers Assemble” during the coup. :D

    It kind of depends on the book though... Matt Fraction did a great job with the early Fear Itself tie-in issues of Iron Man(which does make sense since he was writing both) Christos Gage did a fantastic job with Avengers Academy and Kieron Gillen did a nice job with Journey. Bendis though... He just can't seem to get his tie-ins to work well with the event itself. I have a sinking feeling Bendis won't be giving us anything relevant at all!

  3. Perfect!

    also, about that screenshot you got, I don't like how plainly drawn Red-Hulk's hand was drawn in that position.. it takes up a nice portion of the page, and for me, that's an eye-sore, how it's so bland >.> I mean, I don't claim to be the best artist, but why does he look like he's trying to give me a creepy pedo/robo-hug?

  4. @Rage
    i do claim to be a Good Artist and i whole heartedly agree with your problem here, it disturbs me that walter simonson is considered one of the best artist in comics

  5. HA! I don't claim to be any kind of artist! :D I suck! I honestly didn't even notice the hand thing til you guys mentioned it... The only thing I noticed about that page that bugged me was the fact that Cap wasn't in it(you can't make him out at all in the quinjet)! So yeah, when it comes to art, I miss everything!

  6. There was a comic with Noh-Varr that explains some of this, but I don't remember which. After leaving the Dark Avengers, Noh-Varr is contacted by the Supreme Intelligence. The Supreme Intelligence pretty much makes him the replacement for Mar-Vell, which is when he gets all his protector stuff. I would assume this would make him the new Captain Marvel, upgraded from Marvel Boy. Instead they call him Protector.

  7. Now that you mention it I remember that issue... It was when he met that girl I think, and I remember a scene with Noh-Varr and the Intelligence in a warehouse or something...

    As for the name, I still don't get why they went with Protector instead of Capt. Marvel, but what can ya do.

  8. I agree that I actually didn't hate this issue, but, OMFG, it better be the last damn time I see Norman Osborn and the "Occupy Avengers Mansion" folks for a long, long time.

  9. "OMFG, it better be the last damn time I see Norman Osborn and the "Occupy Avengers Mansion" folks for a long, long time." <-- That right there. I have seen enough of Norman Osborn and the idiot protesters to last me THREE lifetimes!!! Please, NO MORE!!!!!