Friday, April 27, 2012

Secret Avengers #26

Wait, did I really put the comic I chose as my Runt of the Litter THIS high in my comic pile... What the hell is that about?! I guess the AvX banner tricked me or something. Oh well, tonight, as opposed to Monday or Tuesday we'll take a look at this week's Runt.

Secret Avengers #26(AvX tie-in):

Summary: The space Avengers head out to capture the Phoenix in a cage Beast created that was based off of his earlier designs back from when Jean Grey was the Dark Phoenix. War Machine is the key to capturing the Phoenix, since the cage was attuned to his suit. The space Avengers(except for Beast who was calling strategy from inside the spaceship) end up getting trounced by the Phoenix(what a shock... and yes, that's sarcasm!), although Beast's creation DID seem to have some sort of effect on the Phoenix. With the Avengers mainly defeated, Beast calls for a retreat so that the team could alter their strategy a bit and try again later. Capt. Britain doesn't want to listen to that, since he figures the longer the Phoenix is out there, the more beings it would kill. Capt. Britain then takes Beast's device and tries to use it on the Phoenix himself, even though Beast is shouting that the machine was only compatible with War Machine's tech. Naturally, Capt. Britain gets defeated by the Phoenix, and the device is destroyed... After that, the space Avengers set course for Hala, homeworld of the Kree. Beast absolutely tears into Capt. Britain for being impulsive and costing the team their best shot at stopping the Phoenix in a great scene. Meanwhile, some crazy Krees do something involving Capt. Marvel's corpse and the Phoenix. Ms. Marvel and Protector speak outside the ship on Hala and Ms. Marvel reveals that she knew that Protector was secretly working with the Supreme Intelligence and that she was on his side. This issue ends with the apparently resurrected Capt. Marvel telling Protector and Ms. Marvel that the only way to ensure the Intelligence's plans was to kill the Avengers.

Thoughts: Ugh... This was awful! No wonder I had it pegged as this week's Runt! I should have followed my instincts and left this one at the bottom of my comic pile! The only thing I liked about this issue was Beast tearing into Capt. Britain. Seriously. I didn't like, nor at times, get, the story, and the apparent return of Capt. Marvel just annoyed me. If ever Capt. Marvel is to return to life, it needs to be in a better way than this! With Ms. Marvel taking up the Capt. Marvel name soon, I doubt this is the real Marvel, but still...

Score: 4 out of 10.
secret avengers #26
This page took Beast from simply great to flat out AWESOME!


  1. i cant beleive this is the same artist that did most of the Wolverine goes to hell arc, the art in this issue was positivly HORRIFIC, i agree that this was pretty poor that said i am really wanting to know da fucks up with Ms marvel being on Protectors side???? cus it doesnt seem like standard mind control much more subtle.

    Question will you be picking up Spider-Men
    the crossover between the regular and ultimate universe spider-mans
    the Main universes Mysterio will apparently have a Huge part in the book and the Writer (BENDIS NOOOOOO) claims he intends to make Mysterio Badass and Frightning again

  2. Wow, I had NO idea this was the same artist, Movieartman! He MUST have had a different inker or something, because THIS looks NOTHING like THAT did! Maybe Ms. Marvel is pretending she's with Protector? Idk, it was so out of left field! She was suddenly all, "I know what your doing and I'm with you..." Very strange...

    Probably not. I just added a few new books to my pull list and will be grabbing all of the AvX x-over stuff, so that'll probably take all of my comic spending money right there! If I hear REALLY good things about it I COULD change my mind though.

  3. the resurrected dude Mar-Vell? or some other Captain Marvel I'm not familiar with.

    Because if its Mar-Vell than he sure as hell better be legit! He has a son out there he need to meet!

  4. They seem to want us to believe that yes, it is Mar-Vell... With that said, I still can't believe they'd bring him back in such a low-key sort of way... I think we're supposed to believe it's him, but when his first words are, "let's kill the Avengers!" I'm a bit doubtful.

  5. I totally, totally agree with everything said about Carol. I had to actually look up her bio to see if she hadn't been the victim of some sort of genetic-splicing experiment when she ws Binary, since it made no sense to me that she had some sort of biological/psychic connection to Hala. Weird.

    I totally could see how people could hate the Marvel stuff, though I'm willing to at least give Remender a chance to explain it. But, for me to buy it, he needs to explain not only what Captain Marvel was doing in the White Hot Room, which, as far as I know, is only available to the various incarnations of the Phoenix Force, but also why the Kree feel like they have some sort of intergalatic prophecy to uphold. The various Kree seen here just sort of assert that "the Universe" told them to resurrect Marvel so he could do...something...with the Phoenix Force, but Remender is going to need to be a lot more specific at some point. But, for now, at least, I'm willing to give him a chance.

  6. I'm a huge fan of Marvel's cosmic stuff(as I'm sure you know!), alien races, etc. I'm actually reading Operation Galactic Storm for the first time(I picked up those two HUGE trades the other day) and am enjoying it. To the best of my knowledge, the Kree religion was wiped out by the Supreme Intelligence who was(is?) basically their leader, military genius and god, all rolled into one. I mean I guess there could be a weird splinter cult that wanted Marvel back, but it seems so unlikely that the Intelligence would allow that to thrive. I mean the Kree were the ONLY race that didn't show up at Marvel's bedside during that gut-wrenching Death of Capt. Marvel GN.... Even the SKRULLS showed up to pay their respects! The SKRULLS!!!!! But then, to be honest, I'm not even sure who IS leading the Kree empire anymore... Is it the Inhumans still? Is it the Supreme Intelligence again? Is it somebody else altogether? Ronan? We don't really know... I just picked up issue #27 today, and fingers crossed, it will answer all of the questions this issue posed and more. Oh, and it also doesn't help that Remender and Bendis are both basically telling the same story in this series and Avengers... That just adds to the confusion.