Saturday, April 7, 2012

Fear Itself: The Fearless #12

One more review for the night, and it's the final issue of the Fear Itself: The Fearless series... And hey, seeing as that Marvel's NEXT Mega Event has already begun, I'd say it's way past time for Fear Itself to wrap up...

Fear Itself: The Fearless #12(of 12):

Summary: With Sin in the body of the Serpent's final Sleeper, she has unleashed a massive wave of fear across the Earth. The fear wave tears through everybody, bringing them to their knees expect for Crossbones(who claims he has no fear... Because he's secretly Daredevil) and Dr. Strange, who had mystically shielded himself and was reading the magic pages Crossbones smuggled to him last issue. Crossbones sneaks off with Sin's body while Strange manages to call Valkyrie back to Earth from the afterlife. The reborn Valkyrie attacks the final Sleeper anew, this time slicing it's hand off and causing it to lose it's connection to the Serpent's 8 hammers. Losing power since it wasn't connected to the hammers any longer, Valkyrie manages to stab the final Sleeper in the head, ending it's threat and forcing Sin back into her body. Valkyrie gives the 8 hammers to the other Valkyries and they take them and hide them across 8 hidden realms. As for Valkyrie, the All-Mothers tell her to assemble a group of women similar to the Valkyrie, but who come from Earth and were “Fearless”... This one ends with Crossbones taking Sin to the still vexingly evil Daimon Hellstrom and introducing her to the DOA, her new army.

Thoughts: Okay... Why the HELL is Daimon Hellstrom STILL evil?!? See, that right there? That fact? That ruined this comic for me. As I was reading thorough this one I kept thinking to myself, “When is Daimon going to reveal his REAL plan? When is he going to betray Sin to the heroes?” And you know what? He never DID betray Sin to the heroes! So in Journey Into Mystery, he's uber-good. Here? He'd STILL teaming up with Crossbones and Sin, two of the scuzziest scumbags in the Marvel Universe. In that regard, this was a very disappointing end to a series that started out with some real promise. See, I can't even talk about anything else that happened here because of the Daimon thing... That really sucks.

Score: 5 out of 10.
fear itself the fearless #12
Yes, Daimon Hellstrom is still, inexplicably, unbelievably, and unnecessarily EVIL.


  1. X-Man... I was feeling the exact same way, there was that page when dr. Strange was doing his magics and stuff with the pages floating in front of him he was saying " Oh! So that's what he was planning, very cunning!" or something like that and I was thinking YES FKING YES DAIMON IS GOOD AGAIN!!! but I turn the page and he's talking about friggin Odin and at that point I almost tore the comic up.
    You can't imagine how trolled i felt...

  2. EXACTLY!!!!! I was SURE that Strange was talking about Daimon! In my mind it made SO much sense! Strange had sent Daimon to spy on Sin(since they had been Defenders together), and Daimon had finally gotten back to Strange when the final Sleeper was running amok... And then we find out Strange was talking about Odin... Trust me, I CAN imagine how trolled you felt! I was pissed! What a terrible end to a series that started out pretty damn well...