Friday, April 6, 2012

Stormwatch #8

Today we take a trip away from Marvel and check out my lone DC comic this week, as well as one of my Image books. First up is the DC comic in question, Stormwatch.

Stormwatch #8:

Summary: Engineer decides to send Jenny Quantum and Midnighter into the dimension of the Gravity Miners with the hope being that Jenny could...... um...... Could confuse the Gravity Miners into NOT stealing all of the gravity from Earth... I think... Basically Jenny was going to introduce an impossible math equation in the Gravity Miner's dimension which would make them stay in their own dimension(for some reason...). Anyway, Jenny does this and Midnighter manages to locate and rescue Apollo in the Gravity Miner's dimension. But, before heading back, Midnighter decides to leave Jenny behind since she was too smart and too dangerous to be allowed back on Earth(!). With that, Midnighter takes Apollo and seals the portal behind him(!!). Midnighter returns to Stormwatch's base with Apollo and is about to tell them that Jenny was forced to stay behind, when he sees a very unhappy Jenny standing there... Whoops... Later on, while Midnighter is watching over the injured Apollo, Jenny tells Midnighter that she understood why he did what he did to her, but that she had made a decision about him... That decision? We don't know what it is because that ends this issue.

Thoughts: Wow, this issue was all sorts of confusing... And if you think the review I typed up was bad, I didn't even touch upon the talking city or the Daemonite ship getting tricked into helping Stormwatch... Yeah, this one was all sorts of weird. But you see, that's the thing about this series... It's SUPPOSED to be weird! Sometimes that weirdness works in favor of this series(as it did for the first 7 issues, sometimes it works against it, like in this one. But hey, one subpar issue out of 8 isn't enough to sour me on this series.

Score: 5 1/2 out of 10.
stormwatch #8
This is one of those cases where all I can say is, “Something happened here...”

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