Monday, April 23, 2012

Uncanny X-Force #24

Next up is a series that I used to love digging into... Hell, it used to be one of, if not THE first comic books I'd read every week... Nowadays it's relegated to end of the week status... Sad...

Uncanny X-Force #24:

Summary: Psylocke is in mourning over having killed her brother Jamie last issue, and as a result blows Fantomex off. From there we head to Madripoor, where Deadpool, Wolverine and Nightcrawler are planning on killing off AOA Iceman. At first, AOA Iceman manages to stymie the trio, but Nightcrawler, being familiar with his old teammate's powers, abilities and tendencies, manages to trap him in a factory near an open boiler. The heat in the air prevents AOA Iceman from using his powers to their fullest, so Nightcrawler agrees to a fair fight with his former friend, no powers, no weapons, to the death. The two battle for a bit, and Nightcrawler manages to defeat his one-time ally. AOA Iceman begs Nightcrawler for a second chance, promising he'd change and be a good guy again, but Nightcrawler, recalling how callously AOA Iceman betrayed and murdered his teammates, tosses AOA Iceman into the boiler, killing him. From there, Psylocke heads to Fantomex's apartment, strips naked and makes out with him(wha?!).

Thoughts: Well, this issue WAS a step in the right direction. We got away from Otherworld(which is a place/concept I HATE!), the art was WAY better, and the scenes with Nightcrawler and AOA Iceman were well done. I can't say I liked the way this one ended, with what went down(Psylocke!! HA!!!!), and how it happened(really, just like that?), but I can't say I didn't see it coming. Fantomex has been pining for Psylocke since like the first issue of this series, and after how he stuck by her during the Otherworld fiasco, it really was a matter of time before the two hooked up. Still, there's something about a Psylocke/Fantomex relationship I just don't like... I can't quite put my finger on it, but there's something there that I don't quite like...

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.
uncanny x-force #24
Is it wrong that this scene made me laugh?


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  2. something funny about the phantom/psycloke thing is.
    there is that line by mr french "Im Glad you came" suggesting that he mabye invited her....
    hmmmmm and then that line "I think it is time we had a frank and open disscus....." i think if besty hadnt interupted him he would have gone on to say...... "sense you can no longer regret it in the monrning..... Lets Bang"
    alot of people are probley going to say that he is taking advantange of her in this situation.......... i really wish they had just killed warren dammnit, he is serving 0 purpose now....., ugh do you thank they might kill off psycloke.... lots of folks are saying this is the set up for it......., im hoping there will be an arc where wolverine has the x-force team go after Sabretooth and his new Organization Directly, id much prefer that than just getting just another wolverine vs sabretooth arc in the main Wolverine book (i am looking foward to evolution part 2 tho), agreed this issues artist was much better......... wish he was on the coming omega red arc instead of Mike Mckone

    sorry im starting to Ramble, too many x-force ideas/theorys/hopes and fears

  3. Finally Uncanny X-Force is back to being epic!!!

    AoA Nightcrawler is just badass he just chucked one his best friends to his death without hesitant! Hopefully after his mission is done he won't leave i'm starting to like him too much.

    I saw the Fantomex/Psylocke thing coming from a mile away as soon as Fantomex was captured by Captain Britain Corps. I doubt their thing will last though Psylocke losing her emotions or whatever may be the reason it won't.

  4. You know, Movieartman, I actually REALLY like the idea of Wolvie and Sabretooth battling in X-Force instead of Wolvie's solo book... X-Force is supposed to be Wolvie's "secret" team, and Sabretooth is supposedly the "secret" kingpin of the Asian crime families, so them fighting through their teams could be a fun change of pace. As for killing off Psylocke, I hope that's not the case... After basically killing off Warren, what purpose would killing Betsy serve?

    I can't imagine AOA Crawler is leaving any time soon, Astrovik. Or at least I hope not... He kind of fits the team perfectly. Plus I never really liked 616 Crawler anyway, so there's that too...

  5. This is just freaking Bizzare....... the day after i throw that idea out there, it is confirmed 100%
    sabretooth will be among the New Brotherhood of Evil that will be apearing in Uncanny X-force, so will Omega Red FUCK YEAH!!!

    "Omega Red, Omega Black, Omega White, the Shadow King, AoA Blob, Sabretooth, the Skinlessman, and Mystique are enough unto themselves to earn that title, and once you see who the leader is, and what his ultimate goal is, well... I don't want to fall into hyperbole, but what we've got here is the most terrifying and powerful Brotherhood of Evil Mutants of all time. Hyperbole!"

    Holy Shit!
    i bet there leader will be Holocoust/Genocide from The Dark Angel Saga

    here is the Link to the full article

  6. Huh, I'm actually a bit surprised that Tooth isn't the leader... He's been portrayed as a leader-type since he's been back, so it'll be interesting to see him take a back seat and become a follower again.

    As for a leader... Hmm, Holocaust/Genocide makes sense. Dark Beast? I really don't know who else it could be... You'd think it has to be somebody that X-Force had dealt with, and most of those villians are already named above, so yeah, the leader should ALL kinds of interesting!