Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Defenders #5

One more review and this week is finished. We'll close out the week with a series that is thisclose to being dropped, Defenders. This series just hasn't clicked for me, AT ALL, so this will be the issue that decides whether I keep this series, or whether I drop it... You know, if I DO drop it, that'll give me the perfect excuse to start picking up Scarlet Spider and/or Avenging Spider-Man...

Defenders #5:

Summary: Dr. Strange, the Silver Surfer and Red She-Hulk join Namor under the sea to look into a massive door Namor had discovered. The Surfer impetuously blasts the door open, releasing some ancient Atlantians. Namor tries to exert some control over the Ancient Atlantians since he was the king of Atlantis and all, but before bowing to him, the ancient Atlantians want to look around to see what kind of job he'd been doing as king. Meanwhile, Strange locates a picture inside a ship that was locked behind the door with the ancient Atlantians(a picture Namor seems enamored with), as well as a dead Prestor Omega guy. Iron Fist uses his money to fund the Defenders bringing the ship to the surface(so THAT'S why he's on the team!), while the ancient Atlantians return to tell Namor they found his leadership wanting and as such were going to kill him. This issue ends with Fat Cobra bursting through Iron Fist's door ranting that somebody was killing the Immortal Weapons.

Thoughts: Well, this issue sure made my decision to drop this series easy! Sorry, but I'm not going to pay $4 for a series that I have zero interest in. Plus the next issue brings us Fat Cobra and the Immortal Weapons?! The only thing missing would have been an appearance by Our Lord and Savior Hope to really up the suck quotient! So yeah, this is officially the final issue of this series I'll be buying. But then, with the way this series has been falling down the sales charts, it may not be around much longer anyway.

Score: 3 1/2 out of 10.
defenders #5
That is what you'd call the final straw.


  1. Pick up Scarlet Spider, it has been great thus far. While avenging spiderman has been hit and miss, last issue was good though.

  2. I'm actually going to pick both up. I've had people trying to sway me towards both books, and since I'll be dropping this and Daken was canned, I have the extra money to get both now.

  3. I had thought I read positve reviews initially on this title. I had added it to my comiccollectorlive want list to grab for a buck....heading south to Massachusetts to my favorite comic shop today...guess I can skip this one no matter what....

  4. The owner at the comic shop told me that people had been dropping this series in pretty large numbers and that I was the second guy TODAY to drop it! Sure, that's a REALLY small sample size, but between the falling sales numbers and the weird story, this series needs a good shake-up, and fast! It's sad because it DID start out with some real promise...

  5. And what about picking The Punisher series?