Monday, April 2, 2012

Voodoo #7

First review of the night is Voodoo... This series has been losing me for a while now... The clone reveal really hurt my enjoyment of this series a thousandfold. But maybe things will get better with this issue... I mean it can't get any worse storywise, can it?

Voodoo #7:

Summary: Black Jack takes Agent Fallon and Real Voodoo to his secret bunker hideout so they could plan their next move, which was to seemingly have Real Voodoo find Clone Voodoo with their secret wonder twin powers... Or something. Anyway, on the Daemonite ship, Clone Voodoo bitches to the Daemonite command council, wanting to know why they created her. Basically, the Daemonites tell her that since Earth was a hotbed of meta-human activity, they wanted in on that racket and as such were trying to create a human/Daemonite hybrid that would have enhanced powers and would be loyal to the Daemonites. Clone Voodoo was the greatest success for the Daemonites. For some reason or another, Clone Voodoo gets into a fight with the Daemonites again, so the Daemonites offer to make her the commander of all the Daemonite hybrids on the Earth... A position Clone Voodoo takes, thereby completing her heel turn. Meanwhile, Black Jack, Fallon and Real Voodoo head to the site where a Daemonite ship exploded and Real Voodoo screams dramatically to the heavens. The now Evil Clone Voodoo strolls out of a portal nearby, which naturally leads to Jack attacking Evil Clone Voodoo. This issue ends with Evil Clone Voodoo decapitating Jack to the shock and horror of Real Voodoo and Fallon.

Thoughts: Eh. I don't get it. I just don't get the weird direction this series has gone in... So is Evil Clone Voodoo actually going to stick around here as the main antagonist now? Because if she does she's probably going to need a new name... But then again, I don't think anybody has actually called Real Voodoo “Voodoo” yet... Which makes this all even stranger... Everybody has been calling Evil Clone Voodoo “Voodoo” all seven issues of this series, while Real Voodoo, who I'd imagine this series will eventually revolve around, has never been called Voodoo, even though the title of this series is Voodoo, which is the name of the bad guy, which......... Ugh... Forget it... I give up. I'm just going to end things here before my brain explodes...

Score: 6 out of 10.
voodoo #7
*Cue melodramatic music*

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