Thursday, April 5, 2012

Amazing Spider-Man #683

Last review tonight is Spider-Man. Last issue took me by surprise with Doc Ock's apparent altruistic actions, let's see what Ock pulls this issue, and how Spidey responds to it...

Amazing Spider-Man #683:

Summary: As a result of Ock's actions last issue, an emergency G8 summit was called so the world's powers could get together to try to figure out what to do. Spidey, Captain America and Thor arrive on the scene with Spidey telling the scientists and world leaders that making any kind of deal with Ock was madness. Al Gore stands up to Spidey(!?!) and tells him that all of Ock's evidence seemed to point towards an end to global warming... So Spidey slugs the former Vice President(!!). But wait! It turns out that wasn't the REAL Al Gore, but was actually the Chameleon disguised as Al Gore! And don't worry Al Gore fans, he was later found safe and sound in a closet. Anyway, Ock shows up on the television after Chameleon's duplicity was revealed and uses his “Octahedral” again, this time to shield the Earth from all harmful UV-Rays, thus proving what he claimed last issue, that he COULD halt global warming. Having proven his genius, Ock tells the world to seriously consider his offer... Oh yeah, he also demands Chameleon is allowed to leave unmolested. That's fine though, because Spidey had planted a spider-tracer on Chameleon, which leads to the Avengers following Chameleon from a safe distance... But wait! I used that already this post, didn't I? Um, but wait, Ock KNEW Spidey would plant a tracer on Chameleon and has assembled the Sinister Six in a location where they'd have the advantage over the Avengers. After a bit of a battle, the Six defeat(?!) the Avengers and this issue ends with Ock overriding Spidey's armor and forcing Spidey to kneel before the Six.

Thoughts: This was a pretty solid issue... However, there was one thing that bugged me... If you guess it was the Avengers losing, AGAIN, you win the no-prize! Seriously, what is it with Spidey's enemies beating up on the Avengers?! First Osborn, now this! Besides the constant Avengers bashing, I did enjoy this comic, and am still extremely interested to see where Ock is going with this plan of his...

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.
amazing spider-man #683
Yup, Spidey's enemies are defeating the Avengers... Again.


  1. I liked this issue a lot, I thought the Avengers losing made sense, if only because Ock had his team prepared to a Tee, and the Avengers just went in expecting to kick ass, like they should have, no one would have high expectations for that fight, and the fact each thing was meticulously planned out by Doc Ock is awesome, when they got that tooth thing I was wondering what that had to do with anything, seeing it take down Thor was amazing. I loved every bit of that fight.

  2. Oh yeah, Ock DEF had the Avengers WELL scouted, and made sure the battle would take place WHERE he wanted and WHEN he wanted. In that respect, the Avengers jobbing made sense... It's just that after like three years of watching another one of Spidey's enemies(Norman Osborn!) walking all over the Avengers due to Bendis, it bothered me that MORE of Spidey's foes were stomping the Avengers. To be honest, I'd have LOVED this battle if the Avengers weren't regularly getting their asses kicked by Osborn and his goon squad... But as an Avengers fan, there's only so many times I can watch the Avengers get defeated by Spidey's enemies...

  3. ok.......... as much as i HATE! seeing thor get beaten up just Damn!!! that was fucking brilliant, this makes so much more sense than like that stupidity in the first issue of Avengers assemble with thor getting beaten up by that minitour guy. especialy after how easily thor handed Tanarus's ass to him!

    3 things
    1.) have you checked out the punisher series yet, if so what did you think. i bring it up cus the starting point i mentioned a bit back, the cross over between avenging spider-man, daredevil and punisher starts next week with
    avenging spider-man #6

    2.) ok this is the preview for Wolverine #304 and i got more enjoyment from it than the entire previous arc but beware there is a surprise in the last panel, one that will make you VERY happy if its what it seems. i would say avoid it, but it doesnt seem like a spoiler as it seems very casual. view if you wish.

    if you checked it but non related to the spoiler- the diologue between wolverine and madverick was really well done and im glad we finaly got a resolution to that plot thread from the Andamantium Men arc

    3.) new avengers starts tieing in to AVX next week, just thought id mention it sense u said you wanted to get all the tie ins it looks good

  4. so two things:
    1) Ock planned this out pretty good he even said in the last issue that he had a plan for dealing with the avengers.

    2) Doc Ock's solution for Iron Man is get a future iron man tech from the future, sound familiar? (cough cough CABLE cough...)

  5. Yeah, that's the thing, and both Movieartman and Anon hit on it... Ock DID have a great plan for the Avengers. The way Thor was taken down was especially epic. But still, for me, it was simply more Spidey villains beating up the Avengers. If not for the last three years of Avengers books, this issue would have probably scored like a 9- 9 1/2 from me. But as it is, Earth's Mightiest Heroes lost. Again. I mean hell, the frigging New Warriors have a better winning percentage than the Avengers lately! :P

    Thanks for the link and the heads up, Movieartman. I am a HUGE Maverick fan, always have been, even have that uber-short series he starred in(which made me a fan of the poor, ill-fated Bolt...), so that right there got me interested in that issue. Add that certain guest at Tooth's party, and hell yeah, I'm REALLY looking forward to that issue! As for Punisher, my shop doesn't have the full back issue run, so I'll have to order it online. I haven't done it yet, and as such I'll prob be skipping that x-over. I'll buy DD for completion sake, but I prob won't read it til I snag those earlier Punisher issues. And yeah, I'll almost def pick up New Ave... Against my better judgment. :P

  6. Kind of a tangent, but I have a bit of a dislike of writers putting real figures (usually political) into comic books. I am left wondering things like "Would Obama put Captain America in charge of Shield?" or "Would Obama really almost give up on the Avengers to put Osborn back in charge?". Either way I rather them be fictional characters.

    1. I don't know about Obama, and I'm no american, but wasn't Bush president at the end of secret invasion? Because I could totally imagine Bush outlawing super-heroes and making Osborn the head of shield.

    2. Well I was referring to the recent Avengers arc. And, I am not sure they actually referred to certain presidents in those instance (except the shadow of the president in recent issues looked like Obama). I don't mind comics taking on political issues. I just dislike them giving viewpoints to fictional situations using actual political figures.

  7. That's why I tend to not name political figures unless they are specifically named in a comic, like here with Al Gore. If the person isn't named, I'll just go with "the president" or "the queen" or something non-specific like that. In a recent issue of Avengers, Captain America was in the Oval Office talking to the president(who I'd assume was Obama), but since the president was never called by name, or fully shown, he was simply "the president" in my write-up.

    I mean there have been times where certain comic companies(Marvel in particular) dipped their toe(or their entire body) in the political waters(ie: Civil War) and showed the sitting president doing something(I remember Bush giving Pym a medal in Avengers: Initiative for instance) but usually political figures are either hidden in shadows or totally different looking, which is how I like it!