Sunday, April 1, 2012

American Vampire #25

And now, it's time for me to review an issue of American Vampire! Since I've finally caught up with this series, I'll be able to review the newer issues as they come out. Now hopefully THIS issue will pull me out of the comic book funk I've been in this week... Seriously, the books from this week have been terribly disappointing!

American Vampire #25:

Summary: This issue gets started with Skinner getting the upper hand on Travis, the greaser vampire hunter who had been tracking him. Naturally Skinner taunts a little bit too long, allowing Travis the chance to slice Skinner with a gold plated knife(gold is the only thing that can hurt/kill an American vampire). That simply serves to piss Skinner off even more, so he bites Travis in the neck... But not fatally, because as I've already stated, Skinner LOVES to taunt. Skinner is sickened by the taste of Travis's blood at which point Travis reveals that he had mixed some gold dust in his morning coffee in the event Skinner bit him... Huh... That's interesting... From there, Travis gives us a flashback as to why he hates Skinner(European vampires hunting Skinner killed his folks), and then proceeds to taunt Skinner as opposed to, you know, KILLING HIM!!! Skinner takes this opportunity to turn the tables on Travis and prepares to kill him, but is stopped by Hobbes and the Vassals of the Morningstar... Wha?!?! Hobbes takes “Agent Sweet” away(again, Wha?!?!), and Travis manages to sneak away after getting stuck by a needle that cured him of the paralysis that Skinner's bite would have eventually brought on. From there, Travis kills his girlfriend, Piper, who once again was trying to betray him to vampires. With that, Travis heads into a den of bloodsuckers, guns blazing. This issue ends with a vampire murdering Pearl's longtime husband, Henry(!).

Thoughts: This was, as usual, a really good read. The end came as a HUGE shock, mainly because Pearl and Henry had been through so much together I didn't expect to see him offed in such a casual manner. Pearl's reaction to Henry's death should be REALLY interesting... There are A LOT of different ways Scott Snyder can go here, mainly with Pearl, but who knows, maybe even with Henry. As for the main story? I like Travis and all, with him playing the whole rebel with a cause role, and his origin story kind of made sense in explaining why he hated Skinner(even though it wasn't Skinner who killed his folks), but the twist with Skinner working for the Vassals was kind of jarring... I'm not quite sure what I think about that. The Vassals are working with the WORST vampire ever crated on US soil? Aren't they supposed to be killing vampires? I guess they figure Skinner will help them hunt down and kill the older vampires, but come on, everybody knows if you hang around a mad dog you're gonna get bit! So I'm not sure what to make of Hobbes and the Vassals actions here. But overall? This was a good read.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.
american vampire #25
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  1. I loved everything of this issue!

    It has a lot of shocking rvelations, I hope next issue Snyder explain how Skinner survived and what the Vassals did to get him working for them.

    But Also I want to know more about Henry's death, and what is Pearl going to do! Is her old actress friend involved? or is all about Henry?

    But aparently the next two issues are going to be related with one of the soldiers of the Taipei storyline, Calvin Poole (the african-american who was turned into vampire) so I dont know is these questions are going to be anwsred soon!

  2. I think there's actually gonna be another American Vampire mini-series, maybe that will deal with Pearl? As for Skinner, I'm dying to see how he ended up a) alive and b) with the Vassals... Hopefully the next issue or two tells us SOMETHING about Skinner though...

  3. Yes there is another mini series, with Dustin Nguyen doing the art! But for what I know it will be centered in Hobbe's story with the vassals... and Felicia chasing a vampire in europe with his adoptive son Gus