Friday, April 6, 2012

Invincible #90

And the final review of the night is, as promised, from Image. Yup, it's time for some Invincible.

Invincible #90:

Summary: With Invincible still out cold and being worked on by the Viltrumites, Bulletproof is still standing in for him in his Invincible Inc. venture. After taking care of some over-sized monster, Bulletproof heads back to visit Eve and seemingly hits on her(?!). The hell?! Things get a bit awkward until Eve finally tells Bulletproof to leave. Meanwhile, Oliver still hates the Earth. Back on the Viltrumites moon base, Thragg has decided to kill Invincible since it turns out Invincible is related to some old Viltrumite king that was supposed to take the Viltrumite throne(which would knock Thragg out of power). Thragg sneaks into Invincible's room and decides to strangle Invincible, that way he could simply claim the Scourge Virus killed Invincible. However, before Thragg can carry out his plans, Dinosaurus enters the room and attacks Thragg... With disastrous results since Thragg's skin is too tough to puncture with Dinosaurus's claws or teeth. Thragg figures he would simply kill Dinosaurus, at least until Dinosaurus reveals that he had planted explosives around the ship that were wired to his heart. Since there was no Viltrumite homeworld anymore, the ship was invaluable to Thragg, and after realizing that Dinosaurus was telling the truth(due to several explosions taking place while the two were fighting), Thragg is forced to leave Dinosaurus behind to try to undo the damage done to the ship. As for Dinosaurus, he climbs aboard a Viltrumite ship with Invincible and manages to crash on Earth after passing out. This issue closes with a very confused Invincible waking up near the bloodied Dinosaurus.

Thoughts: Eh. This issue wasn't bad or anything, it was solid, it just didn't showcase any if the characters I care about... Oliver got a single page, Cecil Stedman got a single page, Eve didn't really do much and Invincible himself only woke up on the last page. Not being a fan of Dinosaurus or Thragg definitely hurt my enjoyment of this one. I will say this though... Ryan Ottley's art? Amazing! That guy doesn't get nearly enough credit for his work on this series... He MADE that battle between Dinosaurus and Thragg. Plain and simple. In a way this issue was a lot like this week's issue of New Mutants... It was a solid story, but it just wasn't my particular cup of tea.

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.
invincible #90
That top panel is 21 different flavors of awesome.

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  1. I wonder if people are actually believing Bulletproof is the real Invincible?