Sunday, April 15, 2012

Superboy #8

Tonight we head to DC for two books. The first of which I expect to be bad(Superboy). The second I expect better things out of(Batman and Robin). Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised and both comics will be good. Or maybe I'll be sorely disappointed and both will suck... Well, let's see which way we go.

Superboy #8:

Summary: This issue gets started with Grunge(!) beating up Superboy on behalf of Harvest. Grunge then spouts gibberish about preparing SB for the culling so he'd be a Ravager... Okay then... SB accidentally breaks Grunge's neck during the battle, but Grunge no-sells it, puts his head back the right way and then continues beating the hell out of SB... Because he's AWESOME. Meanwhile, Fairchild does stuff. From there, we see Rose Wilson acting crazy, at least until Solstice speaks to her. Back with SB, he finds a novel way to use his telekinesis and tears out the implants that were powering Grunge, finally defeating him. Unfortunately for SB, he's too beaten up to enjoy the fruits of his labor and passes out with Grunge. Harvest takes SB to his colony, calls him his greatest accomplishment as well as most disappointing failure(ooooookay...), but his informational soliloquy is sadly interrupted by Rose, who brings a supposedly unconscious Solstice to him. Harvest leaves with Rose and Solstice, and this issue ends with SB waking up to find Terra and Beast Boy(DAMMIT!) acting all crazy.

Thoughts: Well, this issue falls victim to the Beast Boy Rule... What is that exactly? Any issue Beast Boy appears in? It automatically loses a half point from it's final score. It's the reverse Hardball Rule. Besides the unwanted Beast Boy appearance, this issue was okay. It was basically SB getting beaten up by Grunge all issue long until SB pulled a last ditch move to defeat Grunge. That's this issue in a nutshell. Not much more I can say here...

Score: 5 1/2 out of 10.
superboy #8
You've got to respect a guy who will just snap his neck the right way and keep taunting.

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