Friday, April 27, 2012

Wolverine #305

The final review for the night is the first issue of the Cullen Bunn era of Wolverine... I think... I know Jason Aaron has left the series, but I'm not sure if Bunn is taking over for good, or if he's just a placeholder until the next regular writer takes over...

Wolverine #305:

Summary: Wolverine has been blacking out and apparently murdering people during those blackouts. During the last blackout, a witness saw Wolvie kill some guys and gave the feds the description... As for Wolvie, he figures Dr. Rot was behind the blackouts and murders due to the victims having their brains cut out, which was kind of Rot's calling card. Wolvie heads to the sanatorium he first met Rot and finds nothing but bizarre monsters. Wolvie kills the monsters, but doesn't find Rot anywhere. As he's leaving the sanatorium, Wolvie is being recorded by a camera and watched by Rot himself.

Thoughts: This comic never really grabbed me. It was an okay read and all, and a fine way to kill a few minutes, but it just didn't pull me in. So Rot is somehow manipulating Wolvie, making him blackout and kill people... All of a sudden... Seeing as that Wolvie is on like EVERY hero team there is, and as such is teaming with pretty much every hero there is, you'd think he'd say to... oh, I don't know, Iron Man, or Rachel Grey, or Hank Pym, or somebody, “Hey bub, I've been blacking out and killing people. Can you fix that for me?” Instead, Wolvie goes off on his own, has NO idea how to find Rot, and tells nobody where he'd gone... Very dumb, Wolvie... Very dumb.

Score: 6 out of 10.
wolverine #305
Very bloody...


  1. Hey X this has nothing to do with Wolverine but you need to check this out

  2. Cool, thanks for the link, Anon! That could be a GREAT movie... Actually, that's what they probably should have done instead of First Class(although in all fairness, I haven't seen First Class yet). The only thing is the lack of the X-Men name in the title may lead to non-hardcore fans not knowing it was x-related... "The X-Men Presents: The New Mutants"? Nah, too clunky... Still, you'd think they'd have to work the X-Men name into the title somehow... "X-Men Origins: New Mutants", maybe?

  3. You know it comic-movie popularity keeps up on this track its only a matter of time before the Age of Apocalypse movie (because we all know that would be an epic movie) and after that its only a few years before we have X-Man on the big screen, but who would play him?
    I feel like Leo might be up to it but i'm sure theres better options.

  4. An AOA movie, if done correctly, would be the greatest thing ever put on the big screen, ever, EVER!! And Nate would HAVE to be there you'd think! As for who would play him... I have to admit, the last movie I watched was Captain America. Before that? Um... I think X-Men 3. So I know NOTHING about actors or who'd fit as a good Nate... I'm terrible when it comes to watching movies! With that said? I DO hope to catch the Avengers movie in the theater, which would be the first time I went to see a movie since I was a kid!