Saturday, April 7, 2012

Thunderbolts #172

First review on tap for the night is Thunderbolts... This series is actually getting the Marvel Special in a few issues. What is the “Marvel Special” you ask? That's when you take a pre-existing title, change it's name, but leave the numbering the same. In the case of the Thunderbolts, the name is getting switched over to Dark Avengers, probably in an attempt to trick new fans who saw the Avengers movie into thinking Thunderbolts → Dark Avengers was a real Avengers title... Good old Marvel...

Thunderbolts #172:

Summary: This issue takes us back to the main story after... whatever the hell last issue was... The Bad Thunderbolts have arrived in the not so distant past, and are confronted by the original Thunderbolts. Centurius really doesn't like this since he fears a meeting between the two groups, especially since Fixer and Moonstone are on both squads, could do untold damage to the timestream. Unfortunately for Centurius, he is unable to prevent a Thunderbolts vs Thunderbolts battle, which naturally leads to Fixer squaring off against his past self, as well as Moonstone flying away from the battle, followed by her earlier self. While the two bands of Bolts are battling(heh), Moonstone stops outside the battle scene and tells her past self that she was actually a future version of Moonstone...

Thoughts: Yeah, leave it to Moonstone to pull something like that... I'm sure she's going to warn her past self of all the hardship Moonstone ends up suffering, but come on, doesn't she understand the possible ramifications of mucking around with time? Sure, the Bad Bolts may have ended up in a divergent, slightly alternate dimension, but what if Moonstone really IS in HER past? Talking to herself could do all sorts of chronological damage. As for the non-Moonstone portions of this one? They were good as well. Overall, this was a good, solid read. I'm definitely going to be looking forward to this one to see what Moonstone(and the rest of the Bad Bolts) has wrought.

Score: 7 out of 10.
thunderbolts #172
Mere words can't express just how much I love Baron Zemo's Citizen V attire...


  1. Don't worry about your disruption of the time-space continuum, hmm haven't said that in a while.
    Anyway the way time works in the marvel multiverse to my understanding is that if you go back in time and change something or tell someone to change something it just creates an alternate dimension that has to deal with all the ramifications of your actions direct or indirect while the timeline you came from remains the same in every aspect.
    The best example i can think off the top of my head is when Legion or whoever it was went back in time to kill Xavier and instead of him just being dead in the good 'ol 616 lo and behold the Age of Apocalypse was born.
    There are plenty of other more specific instances and whatnot but you get the point. And if that isn't enough read Exiles, then have Stephen Hawking read Exiles, then have him explain to you whats going on in there because I can't imagine anyone else who could make sense of all the time-spacey nuances and awry and over our heads explanations for the shit that goes on in that series.

  2. Yeah, unlike DC, Marvel has an infinite amount of alternate dimensions, which was what I figured the Bad Bolts had ended up in. And then Centurius was talking about how there was a chance the Bad Bolts were actually in their own pasts... Even though Fixer and Moonstone had no recollection of meeting their past selves... Then again, Boomerang seemed to screw his past self over, so who knows. I was always under the impression that if you went back in time to do something(say, kill Hitler), you wouldn't change YOUR reality, you'd create a divergent reality... Man do I love talking comic book physics! :D

  3. I would love the Hypertime concept again in DC comics, it whats great because all continuitys were valid, and it opened infinite posibilities to the writers to go, instead of rebooting the universe or stating this is valid fot that character and that doesn't.
    each reader could make his own continuity (and that is whar I personally do, for me Barbara Gordon is still in a wheelchair and works under the name of Oracle)

  4. Yup, I never understood why DC wanted to limit themselves to only 52(-ish) realities... Why do that? Why not have an endless amount of different realities? Marvel has made it work with both What If and Exiles. In comic book terms, an infinite number of possible realities makes way more sense than a limited number... Seriously, why 52? If that's the case, why not just go with one? Man is DC weird...