Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Avengers Academy #28

Last review of the evening is Avengers Academy #28. For the record, Avengers Academy #27 is the ONLY comic I've given a perfect score to in 2012, so it should go without saying that I am REALLY expecting a lot from this one.

Avengers Academy #28:

Summary: Having gotten Old Lace back last issue, Nico sneak attacks Dr. Pym since she had discovered that Pym and Tigra had planned on taking Klara and Molly from the Runaways. Naturally the Academy kids leap to Pym's defense and we get a bit of a dust-up... At least until the Academy kids side with the Runaways, since most of them had issues with their own parents and didn't see the harm in leaving the girls with the Runaways. Reptil asks if Nico could use the Staff of One to cast a spell on everybody present to show them all the other's point of view, thereby showing the Runaways the Pym and the rest of the Academy staff aren't that bad, while showing Pym and Tigra that the best place for Molly and Klara were with the Runaways. Nico casts the spell and everybody gets to see how the other half lived and what shaped them. With that, Pym realizes that the Runaways ARE Molly and Klara's family, and feels he shouldn't split them up... BUT, he wants to create a robot that would home-school the girls, as well as any of the other Runaways who wanted to use it. Plus he wanted the kids to check in with him once a month so he could make sure they were okay. Nico agrees to those terms, at which point Pym turns his attentions to Victor... Pym tells Victor that all of the terrible things Ultron had done since Pym created him had always haunted him, but knowing that Ultron created Victor eases that pain a bit... Awww... With that, the Runaways take their leave and this one ends.

Thoughts: Well, this issue wasn't perfect, but it was damn good. I liked it, but the way everything wrapped up so neatly kind of bugged me... This story seemed the type that SHOULDN'T wrap up all that neatly, and yet it did. The Runaways left with Molly and Klara, while Pym was going to keep an eye on them and make sure they received an education... It was just a bit too pat for me... But it WAS a good comic in that it gave non-Runaways fans a glimpse into what shaped the Runaways, and non-Academy fans a similar glimpse into what shaped the Academy kids. So in that regard this issue was well done. Naturally I LOVED the Pym/Victor parts, as you'd expect with my extreme fanboy love for both characters. With this storyline taken care of, the Runaways sadly head back to limbo(man I would have loved if at least one of them, VICTOR, stayed on with the Academy), while the Academy kids find themselves thrust into the AvX event. Here's hoping the AvX x-over issues are as good as the Fear Itself x-over issues were.

Score: 8 out of 10.
avengers academy #28
I'll say it again... Awww...


  1. -Don't call me Dr. Pym..

    mmm Grandpa?

    -Ok Call me Dr. Pym.


  2. It was a really good issue, and agree with you that it ended to well for the characters involved and taking in count Runaways issues trusting adults and speacially the Avengers, but Gage made a great work anyways (and I thinks that Nico's last coment about the punk band wraps up that issues)

    It bother me a litle that I dont get the Moonboy references since it is part of The inititive, a book I did't read

  3. Yeah, I agree, everything just seemed to wrap up too neatly, too quickly. I think it was mostly rushed. Story wise, it did accomplish two things.
    1) Foreshadows more Reptil-centered plot (The witch lady calling him a Chosen One?)
    2) Opens more opportunity for the Runaways to appear. (Victor having an open invitation, and Karolina dating Lightspeed.)

    I'm generally satisfied with this issue, despite the seemingly rushed feel.

    1. It seemed that she referred to Chase(?) in this issue too with his connection to his raptor. Maybe more crossovers???

  4. Hey! Caroline and Julie Power will be dating now, so maybe (I hope) the Runaways make another aparences in this series..

    1. Indeed. Hoping for this as well. But, I get the bad feeling, that if they do become a couple, and start taking things seriously, that somewhere along the line, some ass of a writer is going to bring back Xavin. Marvel has a thing for bringing people back, when it's the least possible convenience to their characters.

      Still wondering when the hell Xavin is coming back >.>

    2. Personally I hope Xavin doesn't return, He/she was my least favorite runaway of the BKV run.

      their marriage seemed to forced and I never cared about him/her as a character.

    3. ...erm...wasn't it supposed to be forced? lol
      I mean, it was kind of an arranged marriage and all

    4. haha your are right, but whit forced I mean,in the narrative, I didn't like how Karoline went with he/she so easy like

      -Ok Is my father mess so I will accept this, even if 3 seconds ago he looked like a Man an I'm lesbian but btw, lets do it-

  5. the only thing that miffed me in this comic was when "whats-his-name-the-only-runaway-with-no-powers" was thinking that maybe the avengers had some sorta time machine to save their other friends and whatnot at that point I was like "dude, you just travelled back to jurassic period to save your dinosaur, no shit they have a time machine".

  6. Alien? The Victor/Pym grandpa conversation was thisclose to being the page I scanned for this issue! That was great!

    I'm gonna be curious to see if we actually get to see Karolina and Lightspeed on any date... I def hope we do, but it seems like the type of thing that could easily be pushed a side/forgotten. And as per my blind hatred of Skrulls due to Secret Invasion, I'm fine with Xavin never showing up again! :D And the Reptil/Chosen One thing will probably be put on the back burners for a while with the AvX x-over starting up, but I'm def interested to see what that leads to down the road.

  7. Haha, i burst out laughing during this comic because not only is a Grandpa, but he's also a Great Grandpa as well XD

    It was a good comic but I felt it was to quick. They should have extended it another issue or so