Monday, November 21, 2011

X-Men #21

It's an X-book! One of the thousands. This one had something to do with War Machine or Sentinels or something. I don't know, I'll figure it out when I read the recap page I guess.

X-Men #21:

What Happened: After the obligatory misunderstanding/fight, the X-Men in this series(Psylocke, Storm, Jugger-Colossus, Vampire Jubilee, Warpath) team-up with War Machine since the NATO no-fly zone had been broken when Symkaria flew jets into Puternicstan... I think I got all that spelling right... Long story short, the Puternicstan leadership has managed to acquire a bunch of Sentinels and thanks to capturing Domino(who they thought they'd killed, but in actuality didn't) have managed to trick the Sentinels into attacking non-mutants. They test this theory out on War Machine and are pleased when the Sentinel believes War Machine to be a mutant and prepares to exterminate him.

The Good: I still really like this team. Out of all of Lord Summers X-teams, this is the one I think I like the most(the only character I'm not a fan of is Jugger-Colo). The story isn't that hard to figure out; some small country gets some Sentinels to defend themselves from aggressor countries. The X-Men don't like Sentinels. Simple. I'm happy to see War Machine here as I do like Rhodey a lot(and as such am probably one of the 16 people who actually collected Iron Man 2.0!)

The Bad: This storyline isn't really doing anything for me... It's Sentinels. Again. That's probably the worst thing to happen due to Decimation, and something the powers that be at Marvel must not have really thought about, the only real enemies the X-Men have nowadays are bigots or Sentinels. Or in some cases, a combination of both.

The Verdict: Basically, this whole story is just leaving me apathetic. I mean there's nothing outwardly awful going on here, but I just can't seem to work up any interest for the events taking place here. Sadly this series feels like a fourth string X-book where nothing of importance will happen. If you liked this one, cool. If you didn't, cool. For me, it was a big old bowl of meh.

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.That's the dumbest Sentinel ever!


  1. Are we really supposed to believe that Rhodey can't take out this sentinel? C'mon. This series lost me around the time that the FF showed up. I like FF, but I was reading FF at the time and felt like they were everywhere. I just didn't dig on the story arc.
    It breaks my heart,because I feel that Victor Gischler started out really strong.

  2. Totally agreed concerning Rhodey and the Sentinel... Especially when you think of all of the upgrades Tony put in the new War Machine armor!

    I dropped the series when Gischler left and only picked it up when he returned(which was that FF story) and I have to agree, his early stuff was WAY better than his recent work. I know I'm in the X-minority, but I liked all of the vampire stuff, and really enjoyed the X-Men vs vampires story. At least it gave the X-Men something other than Sentinels to battle... I also enjoyed the Spidey/Dark Beast/Lizard storyline. But yeah, the past 5 or so issues have been pretty disappointing. Hopefully once this Regenesis stuff gets sorted out it'll get better.