Thursday, November 3, 2011

Uncanny X-Men #1

Well, I enjoyed the first issue of Wolverine and the X-Men a ton, here's hoping I enjoy the first issue of Lord Summers and the EVIL X-Men too. To be honest with you all, if not for Mr. Sinister appearing in the first storyarc of this series, I doubt I'd have even bothered to keep this on my pull list. As it is, I really don't like the team line-up(as I said, it's basically the evil X-Men), so I'll be rooting for Mr. Sinister to kill everybody here... Go Sinister!

Uncanny X-Men #1:

Summary: This issue kicks off the right way, with Mr. Sinister strolling through San Fransisco until he reaches the Dreaming Celestial. After killing two stupid tourists, Sinister enters the Celestial... Meanwhile, Lord Summers calls together the most powerful mutants left on Crazy Mutie Island(that would be Utopia to the uninformed) and decides that they were going to basically be the Crazy Mutie version of the Avengers, which Lord Summers would be using to both save and intimidate the world. The Extinction Team(as Lord Summers oh so dramatically calls it) consists of himself, Emma Frost, Namor, Our Lord and Savior Hope, Danger, Jugger-Colossus, Magik, Magneto and Storm... In other words, 8 crazy and/or evil mutants and Storm... For two weeks things are relatively silent until one day the Dreaming Celestial suddenly begins shooting all sorts of energy out. Lord Summers and the Extinction Team respond, at which time the head of the Celestial floats off of the body and takes on the visage of Mr. Sinister. Sinister tells the band of crazy/evil mutants(and Storm) that he wanted to play along with Lord Summers' plans of making the X-Men a force to be reckoned with, and as such was going to assault San Fran... Ah that Sinister is such a swell guy! The Extinction Team attacks, but Sinister responds by having the Celestial split into smaller pieces to assault the X-Men while he himself left in the Celestial's head. The Celestial pieces batter the X-Men(and break one of Emma's arms off) until Magneto is able to use his powers to force the Celestial back together, halting the assault. From there Lord Summers demands to know where Sinister went, at which time we discover that Sinister went to the San Fran Palace of Fine Arts where he proceeds to transform every living creature there into replicas of himself.

Thoughts: Well, I have to admit, I did enjoy this comic book(for the most part). Before I get to the little things that bugged me, first let me say, I can NOT wait for this Extinction Team to explode in the face of Lord Summers, because seriously, how the hell CAN'T it!? It's Storm and a mess of lunatics! If anything I feel horrible for poor Storm, since she didn't even want to stay on Crazy Mutie Island in the first place! So yeah, I am eagerly anticipating the utter implosion that HAS to be coming sometime soon. Besides that, the X-Men's Extinction Team were as you'd expect them to be, a bunch of arrogant, crazy pompous douchebags for the most part. Now, as I readily admitted in the intro to this post, I am just about as big a fan of Mr. Sinister as you'll ever find... With that said, his portrayal here was a bit... off. By the end of this one he was more “kooky Batman villain from the 1970's” than manipulative super-genius. But I'm willing to overlook that for now since a) he's Mr. Sinister and b) he was a complete force to be reckoned with in this issue. So yes, I'm still firmly in the camp of Team Wolverine, and yes, I'm basically only reading this comic to see Lord Summers and company fail miserably, but overall I'm glad I decided to stick with this series because this issue was a strong read.

Score: 8 out of 10.HA! Storm is easily my favorite character out of this mess.


  1. "Oh He's working on it"

    Storm and Emma made my day in that page..

    But I sympathize a little with Ciclops here, I liked the way he is worried about Wolverines School. And in some way he wants him to do it well.

    Hey off topic, but Storwath 3 was really good this time. things started to get shape.

  2. Is this the issue where Storm stated that she didn't consider herself a goddess? Because, in anything else I read she keeps calling herself a goddess and I always find it a bit much (no matter what people from her village thought of her).

    I just found myself hating this team. The "why bother calling the Avengers, if we can't stop it then what good can they do" line was a bit much as well. I go through the issue thinking "the world might be doomed if they lose, but this groups doesn't need their ego stroked as well".

  3. Oh, and I found the X-men issue a bit absurd so I can't wait for your review of it.

  4. I could never sympathize with Lord Summers, Alien! He's a monumental jerk! Stormwatch(which I REALLY enjoyed), should be up and posted between 8 and 9 tonight.

    I don't recall that exact line in this one, Jermox, but that definitely doesn't mean it didn't happen. That's the thing about this book, and this team... I can EASILY see myself reading it solely because I WANT them to fail! I want to see this band of super-villains blow up in Lord Summers face! I want to see Emma have an affair with Namor so Lord Summers feels what THAT'S like! In a way this series is like Marvel's version of Irredeemable for me. The title character in Irredeemable is just SO horrible, that you WANT to see him finally get taken down. For me, the same feelings apply here. I'll be reading that X-Men comic tonight, and I'll almost definitely be posting it come Sunday.

  5. HA it was a second until he started with the whole "intimidating" stuff

    (Hasn't anyone noticed that his AOA design looks like Rob Zombie ? Maybe that 's what Sinister was a fan of deep down, & Maddie's his living dead girl!
    Hell AOA is far better to read while listening to that genre of music !)

    Thanks Marvel for once again shitting of Cyclops/Jean fans by completely forgetting that Sinister is the arch nemesis of the real Scott Summers. Hell back in FAOCP, Scott was actually tempted with shooting Nathaniel in the head before Nur could modify him! Have they forgotten Maddie's tragedy? ( oh wait , right , Morrison said it never happened... of course...). & Now they're working with the Mengeleesque Geneticist himself, like nothing ever happened ! Seriously , what did he ever do to them,....
    -The mutant massacre affair
    -being Cyclops's personal Freddy Krueger
    - Destroying Maddie's life & sanity
    - Forcing Gambit to gather the marauders (if Remy, the real Remy , was here he would have punched them right in the face for doing this.)
    - Unleashing the legacy virus (okay that was more of Stryfe's april fool, but still...)
    - Following a "Science before humanity " philosophy that cost countless lives
    -Killing Brubaker, Carey, Yost, Quesada for Messiah Complex & the whole forumcbr scans daily community for insulting him (Sorry sorry, this one was more of a good deed actually. And can you really blame him?)

    This is like Batman inviting the Joker holding a gatling gun in the batcave & handing him his secrets. Nothing bad will occur I'm sure...

    @ jermox : Storm is majestic in appearance, Over the top in speech, yet absolutely gentle & down to earth. Goddess is just a figure of speech... I adore Ororo for that.


  7. Might I add, she's drawn amazingly in this issue (re:Storm)

  8. I'm totally reading for the same reason. About halfway through the book, I realized that Gillen is basically slowly turning Scott's team into villains and, in 20 issues or so, we're going to have a cross-over event where Wolverine and his team (and maybe the Avengers) have to take Scott and his team down. I'm very excited for that day. It goes to something Beast said in "X-Men: Regenesis," about how it's never Scott in the torture chamber. He has this whole "I'm so tortured because I'm a LEADER," but he's never actually the one with his ass on the line. It's Colossus, or Idie, or Nightcrawler, or any number of characters who had their lives ruined (or ended) because of his inept leadership. I really hope someone just totally kicks his ass at some point...and I'm willing to pay $4 a month waiting for that day to come.

  9. "I really hope someone just totally kicks his ass at some point...and I'm willing to pay $4 a month waiting for that day to come." HA! That's wild, because that's exactly what I'm looking/hoping for now. I mean sure, somewhere inside me little 8 year old X is heartbroken that I'm openly rooting that one of his favorite characters gets taken down a notch(or seven!), but that's seriously the only reason I'm picking this one up now. And the best thing is there are SO many ways Marvel can go about it too. They could turn Emma into a full-fledged villain and say that she had been manipulating Cyclops since their New X-Men days, they could (finally!) have Jean come back to knock some sense back into Cyclops's head, even have Wanda undo the M-Day nonsense, returning mutantkind to their former, not-going-extinct status. There are so many ways you can write the story that gives us Scott's downfall and eventual return to his former status of respected leader as opposed to jerkish dictator. But yeah, for now I'll just sit back and root against Lord Summers and his terribly named Extinction Team... Seriously, if that doesn't sound like the name of a band of X-villains, I don't know what does!