Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Avengers #19

Wow, I really put this issue of Avengers low in my new comic pile! I mean it was #19 out of 20!! Considering how much I hated the last issue, I guess that's not a huge shock, but still, you'd think as a huge fan of the Avengers I'd have wanted to read this sooner...

Avengers #19:

What Happened: Captain America puts the Avengers together. Vision is magically repaired(I don't know what that means for the OTHER Vision). Bendis put random people on the team to prove, once again, that he doesn't care WHO'S on this team. I sped through this comic as quickly as possible because it was horrible. Oh, and Norman Osborn in street clothes crashed the Avengers big unveiling.

The Good: Um......... I don't think Wolverine or Spider-Man are on this team anymore... That's a good thing. Other than that? I got nothin'.

The Bad: This comic was so boring I literally skipped huge chunks of dialogue. The Avengers now consist of Storm(who's only there because Black Panther doesn't want to be there...), a Red Hulk, Protector(who a short time ago was an alien terrorist) and Daisy Johnson(who was added to the team seemingly on a whim by Cap!)!!! Ponder THAT for a moment.

The Verdict: Yeah, I know the Daisy Johnson marks are going to come out swinging, but at this point, I could care less. I just won't comment back to them. There is NO way Daisy Fucking Johnson should be an Avenger. None. The Avengers: The Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and THIS is the team line-up!? For real?! And I love Bendis's explanation for Vision being there. Tony Stark hit “the reset button or lever or something”... and THAT'S how Vision came back! I mean is he even trying anymore at this point?!? Maybe it's time for Bendis to drop a few titles, because his work as of late has been absolutely horrendous. This series is an absolute mess. Horrible.

Score: 0 out of 10.Blah, blah, blah, blah. I think it's time to dust off the Brightest Day scoring system for this series.


  1. DUDE
    ok not to be rude but
    ok.......... 1. u havent read secret warriors so u havent read daisy's best storys
    2. its better than maria hill becomeing an avenger
    3. did thoose big peices of dioloage u skiped include the scenes of daisy interving john walker and her reporting her startling findings about how hammer has inmersed it self in the government to cap. cus considerinf her past with sheild and having to deal with the constant spy antics of hyrda (witch she delt with first hand alongside the best-nick fury)i think she is a very good person to have on hand in this situation involing hammer slowly invading the our givernments security.
    while yeah there was no reason to have her become a full fleged avenger or especialy publicly reveal her to be a avenger i think she is just going to be around for thease isssues involving hammer and she will likley be off team afterword.
    i have 0 probley with storm being on the team (as long as thor is dead) cept fucking bendis............. the preview for the next issue was strange while it could have been somthing else MOST people thought that what was seen in it was absurdly storm shocking herself with her own lighting...... if thats the case.............. FUCK OFF BENDIS
    i really want to stop buying this series as it comes out but damn i want to know waht happens with hammer..... and......... i really cant see myself buying the collected grafic novel later on :(

  2. Yeah I mean I HAVEN'T read Secret Warriors, so all I know Daisy from is Secret War and her various appearances in other books. That said, I have no problem with her per se. I DO have a problem with Cap, seemingly at random, putting her on the Avengers. I mean to me the Avengers are the big time. The pinnacle. If Daisy had been wanting to be an Avenger and had been helping the team for a few issues, that's one thing, but Cap putting her on the team was so poorly done... It was like, "Hey you, over there. Yeah you. You're an Avenger now. Let's go have a press conference." As for the spy thing, Spider-Woman has been an agent of both SHIELD and Hydra, and Mockingbird has had a mess of experience in the espionage field, either one of them could have filled that role if that's what Bendis wanted. Adding Daisy, as an afterthought no less, just seems wrong, for the fans of the series and for the fans of Daisy, who's there just 'cause.

    As for Storm, I love the idea of her being an Avenger. With her power set, she fits. Two problems though... I hated the way she was put on the team, basically her husband told Cap to put her on the team, meaning Cap didn't choose her on her own merits. Besides that, she's on Lord Summers side, while Wolvie is the leader of the Wolvie side of the Schism... I don't get both characters being on the team together. I mean I know Storm wouldn't care since she was gonna leave Lord Summers anyways, but with the whole X-Men Schism thing going on, I don't think Bendis should have used such a prominent mutant on the Avengers right now. He should have just left the X-books alone for the time being.

    If Storm actually strikes herself with her OWN lightning... I don't even know what I'd do! That's just... I don't even have words for it! I also really want to stop buying this series(it's really gone downhill during Fear Itself) but I know I won't since it's the Avengers and I'm a huge fan of the franchise... I'll just hope it gets better.

  3. I got a good chuckle out of you scoring it at 0. lol. I myself really enjoyed this issue. While I don't feel that this is a... strong enough line up to merit the hype that was made, I AM a big Daisy Johnson fan. (don't worry, I wont attack you for having a different opinion). I am not sure she is Avengers material, but I am psyched to have her in another book and would love to see her grow even more as a character.

  4. "I am not sure she is Avengers material" That's really the only gripe I have against Daisy... But then, like 80% of the people Bendis has put on the Avengers since he took the series over all those years ago I wouldn't consider Avengers material, so yeah... I'm just going to have to deal with the fact that Bendis sees the Avengers as the Justice League, in that EVERYBODY is welcome, as opposed to an exclusive group of heroes. I am glad you didn't come out swinging, JK, you'd be surprised at how many comic fans don't believe you can have an opinion different than theirs! ;)

  5. the red hulk is always red hulk size! they won't give him nice pants and a shirt!

  6. I swear to God, I didn't read your post before I posted mine, but, OMG, I totally agree about, like, everything. I mean, we were going to go old school...until T'Challa was like, "Meh," so we get Storm. Then, Tony is like, "OMG, I'll just resurrect the Vision," which he clearly did during all that, you know, downtime between "Fear Itself," "Spider-Island," and "Avengers: The Children's Crusade." I mean, sure, it was the hardest thing he ever did...so, you know, it took him, what, an afternoon? Whatever, so, we get "Vivison," who is clearly just Ultron. THEN, Cap is all, la la la, eight people just seem like a party and I want a hootananny, and, hey, Quake, you look good in that tight uniform, you're on the team! So, we get Quake. Meanwhile, we could've just had Cap, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Protector, Red Hulk, and Spider-Woman.

    Yeah, I ****ing hate Bendis at this point.

    Also, what did Norman mean that he was going to rectify being detained without trial? Is he going to demand a trial? Like, right there? On the lawn? Will Jarvis cater? Maybe Aunt May can make wheatcakes.

  7. HA! We were SO on the same page with this one, JW!

    "Tony is like, "OMG, I'll just resurrect the Vision," which he clearly did during all that, you know, downtime between "Fear Itself," "Spider-Island," and "Avengers: The Children's Crusade." Yes, exactly! And I'm STILL using Bendis's excuse for Tony fixing Vision(hit "the reset button or lever or something") because it's SO ludicrous! Like Vision was a frigging Super Nintendo or something! I know, I'll just reset the system and it'll all be good again! And Quake... I mean I don't really know that character, so I don't really have anything against her, but the way she was put on the team was probably the worst way I've ever seen anybody put on the team(Storm is easily the second worst... "Ask my wife, she's not doing anything important."). Seriously, was Cap thinking, "Oh my god, I need a ninth member... Um, um, um... Ah-ha! Daisy Johnson is just standing there! Perfect!!"

    As for Osborn, what's there to try him for? He went crazy, instigated a war with Asgard, and hired a bunch of known super-villains to work with him... Add that fact that he's an escaped fugitive and he just strolled up to the Avengers, at their own HOME, and I'm not sure what his plans are... That was one hell of a weird cliffhanger...

    "Is he going to demand a trial? Like, right there? On the lawn? Will Jarvis cater? Maybe Aunt May can make wheatcakes." And one more thing, I'd be all for this happening! That sounds like it would be a blast! :D