Friday, November 11, 2011

Deathstroke #3

Next up tonight, the third issue of the surprisingly solid Deathstroke series... So far this series has done a great job of establishing Deathstroke as a major bad-ass in the new DCU, but unfortunately, that's about all it's done... Let's see what we get this issue...

Deathstroke #3:

What Happened: This issue begins with Deathstroke killing some goof named Legacy. From there he meets with his weapons expert and shows him the contents of the shocking, amazing, unbelievable suitcase he got back in issue number one. The weapons expert agrees to examine the contents of the suitcase, and Deathstroke leaves on a mission to kill some rich guy who was fooling around with various villain's technology. Deathstroke heads to the man's headquarters and ends up running into Legacy again, but this time a more skilled version. While Deathstroke is battling Legacy #2, somebody else murders the rich guy. Ultimately, Deathstroke murders Legacy #2 and upon learning that somebody else killed the rich guy, leaves. In the end we discover the parents of one of the wannabe mercs Deathstroke killed in the first issue had put a $20 million dollar bounty on Deathstroke's head, with the only caveat being that they had to kill Deathstroke while wearing the Legacy armor.

The Good: Deathstroke killing idiots is always fun to see. We have some enemies for Deathstroke(the dead merc's parents) as well as another mystery with who killed the rich guy for Deathstroke. The Legacy idea is kind of cool, with a different person donning the armor to kill Deathstroke.

The Bad: We STILL don't know what the contents of that damn suitcase is... At this point, I'm more annoyed than curious. There's no way the contents of the suitcase can match the hype that's gone into it unless a frigging miniature version of Wally West is in there... This issue was very similar to the first two issues... Deathstroke takes a job, Deathstroke kills some people, rinse and repeat. I mean it's a fun read, but it's getting repetitious.

The Verdict: This comic was okay. It was a fun, brainless little romp, but that's kind of the problem... The first three issues were ALL fun, brainless little romps... Like I said, it's fun to see Deathstroke chopping idiots to pieces, but by the midpoint of the issue, you KNEW what fate was going to befall Legacy #2. Here's hoping things change up just a bit come the next issue, because I really don't know how I'll feel sitting through a FORTH issue of this series nearly identical to the first three issues.

Score: 7 out of 10.Don't worry, by the next page, Deathstroke has chopped this guy up...


  1. "We STILL don't know what the contents of that damn suitcase"

    I swear if we don't find out what's in that suitcase in the next issue I'm dropping this series. Seeing that has really pissed me off. It needs to be the most epic thing in that case for me to continue reading this series. :( The action just isn't enough anymore.

  2. You know what, Lisha? I'm with you! If we don't find out what's in that suitcase, I'll drop this series too after the next issue. Because seriously, you're right, the action is good and all, but it's not enough.

  3. that line about wally west being in the mystery case was priceless

  4. "MOVIEARTMAN said...

    that line about wally west being in the mystery case was priceless"

    That's also what I was coming here to say.

  5. Well thanks, guys. And for the record, that's about the only thing that could make that mystery suitcase worth it! :P

  6. this issue sound really boring to me..

    Apparently the only thing you can wait from this comics is Wilson killing people randomly.

  7. Exactly. That's what this series has been, Slade murdering people. Lots of peole depending on the issue. It's been okay, but they really need to go deeper than Slade kills Random Man #2. And then Slade kills Random Man #4. There was some groundwork laid here with the parents of the dead merc and Legacy, but yeah, for non-Slade fans, I can def understand calling this boring.

  8. Put me in the same category. The suitcase has gone from interesting, to curiousity, to apathy, to annoying. Another issue with it being thrown in my face might be the last issue.

  9. That's perfectly put, Vancelot. That's the exact range of emotions I went through with that suitcase as well. I mean I thought this series started off REALLY strong, but it's really been sputtering a bit these past two issues...