Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Comic Day! November 16th edition

Hey X-Maniacs, I have a full day ahead of me what with playing Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and reading a whole slew of new comics! Yes, it's a good life for me. Since I'm eager to get back to my game, let me get right to what books I picked up for this week... Batman #3, Nightwing #3, Red Hood and the Outlaws #3, Supergirl #3, Morning Glories #14, Amazing Spider-Man #674, Avengers #19, Avengers Academy #22, Captain America #4, Deadpool #46, Fear Itself #7.3, Fear Itself: The Fearless #3, Generation Hope #13, Incredible Hulk #2, New Mutants #34, Thunderbolts #164, Ultimate X-Men #3, Venom #9, X-Factor #227 & X-Men #21. Well, that's more like it... I see the past two weeks of me only picking up something like 12 comics each week is over... We're back up to 20 books, with a staggering 15(!!) of them coming from the House of Ideas! That says a lot about how I feel about DC nowadays, doesn't it? Not only that, but out of those 15 Marvel books? I'd say that I am SERIOUSLY looking forward to no less than 6 of them. On top of that, the Image comic(Morning Glories) will probably be one of the first comics I dig into this week. The four DC books? I can honestly say that I'm not all that excited for them... Which is flat out bizarre considering they include Batman(the good series) and two of my favorite DC characters(Jason Todd and Dick Grayson). Tis sad. Anyway, this week's Pick of the Litter? That wasn't really that difficult, believe it or not. It's easily Avengers Academy #22, probably the best ongoing comic book I pick up... Yeah, that's right, I went there. Some consideration went to Venom, New Mutants, Morning Glories, Amazing Spidey and Fear Itself #7.3, but in the end Avengers Academy has been too strong not to pick. On the other end of the spectrum, this week's Runt of the Litter is Generation Hope #13. I figured I'd give this series about 3 issues with the Regenesis stuff and a new writer, and if it STILL doesn't appeal to me, I'll drop it from my pull list... Again. And that's it. With a robust 20 comics this week, I'm going to try to post 3 reviews every night until Tuesday, which will only see two. For tonight, I'll almost definitely be posting reviews for Avengers Academy #22, Morning Glories #14(told you I liked that series) and Fear Itself #7.3. Tomorrow will bring us New Mutants #34, Venom #9 and Amazing Spidey #674. One quick note before I end this post... I'll probably be posting my three reviews for today later than I usually do, probably about 3 hours later. Just wanted to let you guys know in advance. As for me, it's back to UmvC3, so until later, X out!

The Random Scan of the Week!Well? IS HE?!?!?


  1. Hey

    Wow you are back 20 books!!

    look at mine books for this week

    Batman #3 Catwoman #3 Nightwing #3
    Red Hood And The Outlaws #3
    Supergirl #3 Wonder Woman #3 ustice League #3

    Avengers Academy #22, Deadpool #46
    Fear Itself #7.3 (Ariel Olivetti Variant Cover)Fear Itself The Fearless #3 (of 12)Generation Hope #13 New Mutants #34X-Factor #227 X-Men #21

    so 15!!I'm almost there. Damm x-books.

    Did you drop Wonder Woman???

    Hey, X have a nice gaming day!

  2. Man, 15 books for you? You've been getting a crazy number of books lately, Alien! I have to admit, walking out of the comic shop with 20 books instead of 12 made me feel normal again. The prior two weeks with my tiny comic pull was just bizarre.

    Yup, I did indeed drop WW... It was a tough decision, but I'm just not that interested in the way the story was moving. I mean it was an okay series and all, but to be honest, it's SO easy to drop these new DC series since I don't have much of an attachment to the characters anymore. To be honest, I could easily see myself dropping two or three more DC books before the end of the year. And thanks, I DID have a great gaming day! :D

  3. X!!!!! It's that famous day of the week already??? time seriously flies. But I am glad to see it's here, can't wait to see some of these reviews from you. Especially Supergirl.

    How's the game going?? I think I've played the arcade version of Marvel v. Capcom and it was pretty fun. I can only imagine playing it on a PS3.

    So how I'm going to have to manage to get some reading in with some Modern Warfare like these give me headaches. Lol. Comics or gaming....DECISIONS!!! lol.

    Oh and before I go, I am sad to see you drop WW, JT told me the other day. I think I shed a tear, lol. But it's completely understandable. I won't hold it against you. :-P You're still my number one guy!!! But would you ever consider re-picking it up if a new arc started or a new writer you liked was on it?

  4. I am loving UMvC3, Lisha! Absolutely loving it. There are some little touches that an uber-Marvel nerd such as myself just marks out for big-time. I mean most people wouldn't get Magneto comparing Vergil's look to his son, but when I heard that? I was nearly jumping up and down in my seat! That game does SO much right for a Marvel Zombie such as myself!

    Go with the gaming, Lisha! I mean I spent most of today playing UMvC3, and am just now reading a few of the books I brought earlier. I figure I'll play the game all day and then do some reading at night.

    It was just so mythology intensive, Lisha... I mean you know how I love WW and all, but I hated having to hit up Wikipedia to try to figure out what obscure god was showing up in each issue. And I'd DEFINITELY consider picking WW up again! No doubt. Maybe if I drop a few other comics I'd come back to WW. Of course feel free to update me on what you thought of every issue I'm not reading when ya get around to it. You know how easily swayed I am, and if you were to say enough good things about the series, you know I'd eventually go back! :D

  5. IS HE?! Goddamn you Hank, Answer!!! And I'm assuming they still didn't get Teen Titans in?

  6. Yeah, no Teen Titans and no I, Vampire for me STILL, JT... With the third issues of both coming out next week I've got to say, I am getting just a bit annoyed. I'll probably just leave the third issues in my pull box until I get the second issues, because really, why bother buying the third issues when I can't do a damn thing to them?

  7. Yeah, Thankfuly I checked and I only have 8 books for next week
    Maybe 9 if I pick the "avengers origins:quicksilver and Scarlet witch" would you recomend that book?
    the writer is Sean Mckeever. any idea?

  8. Hmm, I actually may pick that comic up... I like McKeever's work for the most part(Gravity, Fear Itself: Youth In Revolt, Young Allies, Mystique) so I may flip through this issue in the shop and(depending on what else I'm picking up) grab it.