Saturday, November 5, 2011

X-Men #20

And here's the first issue of the Regenesis version of the X-Men. The team itself looks really promising, and it's being written by a writer I like(Victor Gischler) so this should be good, right?

X-Men #20:

Summary: While Domino is watching an arms deal involving three Sentinels occur between two Eastern European countries, a third party enters the fray, kills the dealer and buyer and steals the Sentinels for themselves. Domino alerts Lord Summers to this news before quietly tracking the new owners of the Sentinels. Lord Summers learns that the Sentinels were stolen by a country(Puternicstan) that was claimed by both Latveria and Symkaria and figured the Sentinels would help keep the two aggressor countries at bay. Lord Summers sends Storm, Warpath, Jugger-Colossus, Vampire Jubilee and Psylocke out to see if they could assist Domino and(presumably) destroy the Sentinels. While flying towards the trouble spot, the X-Men are met by War Machine, who tells them that the US government and NATO didn't want the X-Men to involve themselves in what was shaping up to be a major international incident Storm agrees with War Machine and promises to turn back. Upon getting back in the jet, Storm tells the team to continue towards their destination, but with the radar jammers on. Back in Puternicstan, their scientists manage to get one of the Sentinels up and running, and it immediately detects Domino(who was spying on the laboratory) and attacks. Storm and the X-Men land and are met by an angry War Machine, who didn't take kindly to being lied to by Storm. With the X-Men determined to find and assist Domino, and War Machine determined to prevent an international incident, we naturally get a battle, and this issue ends with Domino at the mercy of the Sentinel.

Thoughts: You know what? I actually enjoyed this issue... Maybe it was because I like this X-Men team about 500 times more than the team in Uncanny X-Men, or maybe it was because the story was pretty easy to follow, but yeah, I enjoyed this one. Seriously, a team that consists of Storm, Psylocke, Warpath, Vampire Jubilee, Domino is pretty damn great in my eyes. Sure, I don't get why Jugger-Colossus is there, but I really can't complain too much when there's only one member of a team that I don't particularly care for out of six characters. I also liked that the War Machine appearance didn't feel overly forced. He's currently serving the US government, so it would make sense he'd get the call to get the X-Men away from the hot spot to prevent any further escalation. Yep, no major complaints with this one.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.“Get your hands off me you inexplicably bald freak!!”


  1. A comic With Domino is a good comic for me.. I am serious even if a barely know about her. A comic with here must be better than one without her.

    question here, War Machime is a likeable charecter in some book?
    Or he always act like the man that follows orders and gets his ass kicked?

  2. I can't disagree with that logic, Alien! :P I'm a total Domino fan, so yeah, I was REALLY happy to see her in this one.

    HA! Yes, he is def likable in many Marvel books. Besides Iron Man 2.0, he'll show up in Invincible Iron Man and Secret Avengers every now and then and had long runs back in the day in Iron Man and Avengers West Coast. As a military man though he does have a tendency to follow orders. But he's usually the one doing the ass-kicking. :P

  3. I just saw him in two comics and he is kicked by collosus, hit by a tunder. and fooled by Valkyrie.

  4. HA!!! Yeah, you're definitely not seeing poor Rhodey at his best in the comics you've read...

  5. When will they get the x-men movies right? I am tired about seeing horrible movies cause the writters and directors cant just stick with the comics!

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