Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ultimate Hawkeye #4

And this marks the final issue of the Ultimate Hawkeye mini-series... Honestly, I can't say this mini has done much for me, other than give me an Ultimate Hawkeye mini-series. Maybe something completely unforgettable will happen here, and I'll look back at this mini-series as something special. In reality though? I'm not holding my breath about that.

Ultimate Comics Hawkeye #4(of 4):

Summary: So the created mutants of the SEAR(Southeast Asian Republic) have decided to call themselves either Celestials(Led by Xorn) or Eternals(led by Zorn), while referring to regular humans as Deviants... Get it? Ugh... Anyway, Xorn's Celestials are more peaceful while Zorn's Eternals are a bit more war like. Whatever, says I. Since Zorn was beating up on the Hulk, Xorn brings Hawkeye and Ultimate X to Zorn to stop the fighting. Zorn and Xorn babble for a while, and when I wake back up I see that Xorn has asked one of his telepaths to tell everybody in the world that they would be allowed to live in either the Celestial City or the Eternal City, provided they came in peace and took the Serum which created the SEAR mutants. Ultimate X decide that they want to remain in the twin cities, as they were tired of working for SHIELD(already?!), and the Hulk also asks to stay, but since he had killed a few Eternals, he gets cast out. As for Hawkeye, he declines the invitation and asks for, and receives, a sample of the Serum, which he brings back to Nick Fury, ending this mini-series.

Thoughts: Ugh. This sucked. I've got to say, in many ways Jonathan Hickman is very much like Grant Morrison... And I don't mean that as a compliment. Morrison has a habit of writing over the heads of his readers, and I can see that Hickman tends to do the same. I mean really, Xorn and Zorn, floating cities and mutant serums, and Eternals, Celestials and Deviants? Really? What ever happened to the days of straightforward storytelling? I hate the whole Eternal, Deviant, Celestial thing in the regular 616 Marvel U, and while Hickman gave it a slightly clever twist(and eliminated the giant space gods), it's not something the Ultimate Marvel Universe needed, at least in my opinion. The bottom line here is that I am glad this mini is over, because while I'll always support Hawkeye regardless of the universe, I'm happy I don't have to read anymore issue of this mini.

Score: 4 out of 10.Look, it's a picture of Hawkeye!

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  1. "At least Hickman did not , to his credit, turn Sue into Paris Hilton's long lost sister" HA!! It's funny 'cause it's true! Good to hear from you again, Saidi! I've got to say, anytime I get to see Dan Didio about to be attacked by Superboy is a good day in my book! :P

    As for favorite Jean stories... Hmm...... I guess I'll go with the obvious first, the Dark Phoenix Saga. If nothing else it gave us epic, monster bad-ass Jean. I was a bit of a sucker for the AOA version of Jean. Jean's role in Fatal Attractions was pretty good, with her basically trying to keep Wolvie alive single-handedly. Oddly enough, nothing is jumping right out to me right now... I KNOW I'm forgetting something. IDK. If I remember anything else I'll def list it here, but for now, that's all I've got...