Sunday, November 20, 2011

Supergirl #3

And we're back to DC with a comic that I'm counting on to get me out of the mediocre comic book rut I've fallen in. This series has been the biggest surprise out of all of the new DC books I've been reading, as it's been REALLY good! Like better than I would have ever expected! Of course I probably just jinxed myself and this issue will now wind up mediocre(or worse!)

Supergirl #3:

What Happened: Superman tries to explain to Supergirl that Krypton was gone, but naturally, SG doesn't want to hear it. Supes wants SG to remain by his side since she was new to Earth, but all SG wants to do is find the pod she arrived in and book. Eventually Supes hears some sort of emergency and has to leave so SG takes that opportunity to ditch Supes and head back to the site of her pod. Upon arriving, she finds it gone but discovers a probe with a hologram of a rich guy named Simon Tycho. Simon has the probe lead SG to his space station headquarters where he has her attacked by various experiments to see how she holds up. Eventually SG escapes the station and uses her X-Ray vision to locate her pod, breaking back in and flying to it. Unfortunately for SG, her pod is covered in Kryptonite, and she falls to the ground, where Simon meets her to tell her he'd take good care of her.

The Good: Simon has the potential to be a Lex Luthor-esque enemy for SG. I'm still enjoying the way SG is acting. Her actions fit her circumstances perfectly. I had no problems with the story, art or dialogue here.

The Bad: Supes came across as rather dickish here, what with his whole, “I have to protect people because they're so stupid/weak” speech. The cover of this comic was rather misleading since SG discovered nothing new about Krypton. Simon luring SG to his space station seemed rather dangerous considering her power set.

The Verdict: Yay, finally a comic book that was better than average! Once again, I enjoyed this comic, making it the only one of the new DC titles I'm reading to score over an 8 all three issues thus far. Trust me when I say that I'm always looking for reasons to drop these new DC books, and this series has been SO strong that I haven't even considered dropping it. So for the time being, I'll be sticking with this series... At least for now...

Score: 8 out of 10.Good question...

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