Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Superboy #12 (Feb. 1995)

The last of the DC Retro-Reviews for tonight is none other than an issue of Superboy. And not just any issue of Superboy, but an early issue of Superboy back when he was in full 90's cliché mode! That's right, fade hairstyle, earring, leather jacket, sunglasses, the works! This should be a disaster!

Superboy #12:

What Happened: Superboy buys himself a rundown compound in Hawaii for himself and his freeloading “agent” and his agent's daughter to live in. Unfortunately, the money SB used to buy the compound was money his agent was planning on sending to a crime family to pay off the debt he owed them. Since he couldn't pay his debt, the crime family sends Copperhead in to teach the agent a lesson. Copperhead decides to kill the agent's daughter, but is stopped by SB, who electrocutes Copperhead with some exposed wire.

The Good: The story was solid, and made sense. SB's agent owed the mob, he couldn't pay, so they sent an assassin after him. Simple. SB was at his early 90's best(worst?) in this one. Even though his dialogue was awful, I couldn't help but like SB here.

The Bad: Like I said, SB's dialogue was AWFUL! SB vs Copperhead probably shouldn't have lasted as long as it did... You'd think that would be a first round knockout, but the fight went on way longer than it probably should have. I hate SB's agent, and I'm not that fond of his daughter... As a matter of fact, I hate pretty much all of the supporting characters in this comic from around this time, from SB's agent, to the agent's daughter, to that cradle-robbing girlfriend of SB's.

The Verdict: Yep, this was sure a Superboy comic from the mid-90's alright... Luckily, I tend to like comics from that era, so I can overlook some of the more annoying aspects and still manage to enjoy the story. Somebody without my love of bad 90's comics might have found this comic way less enjoyable than I did... Of course, I'd MUCH rather have THIS Superboy around today as opposed to the current, robotic SB. At least this Superboy had a personality, unlike Robo-Superboy. So once again, thanks for destroying yet another character, Geoff Johns. You're a class act...

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.There you go, Superboy in all his 90's “glory”!

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