Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New Comic Day! November 9th edition

Hey there X-Maniacs, it's time for another New Comic Day! Last week I had a pretty abysmal pull(by my standards anyway) with only 10 new comics, I'm sure that number will be way higher THIS week... I man it sure as hell can't possibly be lower! On the plus side, out of those 10 comics from last week, THREE(!!!) received perfect scores from me(which is flat out insane!), while the rest were all very solid, not a single issue scored lower than a 6. So last week was REALLY good, but what about THIS week??? Let's take a look at what old X brought home from the comic shop today... Batman and Robin #3, Deathstroke #3, Grifter #3, Suicide Squad #3, Superboy #3, Battle Scars #1, Fear Itself #7.2, Journey Into Mystery #631, Point One #1, Uncanny X-Force #17, Wolverine #18 and Magneto: Not A Hero #1. So 12 books... My shop still hasn't gotten Teen Titans #2 and I, Vampire #2 in stock for me, so the owner of the shop said he'd give me Teen Titans for free, and if issue #2 was as bad as the first one, that's probably about what it's worth! 12 comics is about the perfect number of new comics for me, so yay me. Let's see, out of all of the books I brought home, the one I am most looking forward to reading, and the comic that is therefore this week's Pick of the Litter is Point One #1. The price tag for this one was rather steep($6!?), but it promises to have 7 new stories as well as set the stage for Marvel in the year 2012, so I'm hoping this comic was worth that steep price. On the other end of the spectrum, this week's Runt of the Litter, the comic I least want to read is Superboy #3... Which is sad because I used to love the Superboy character, but DC decided to turn him into something unrecognizable with the reboot... If this issue is sub-par, there's a VERY good chance I'll do the unthinkable and drop Superboy from my pull list... And there you have it. I'm considering doing 3 new reviews tonight, 3 new reviews tomorrow, and then dropping down to 2 reviews a night which should leave me with a day or two of Retro-Reviews towards the end of the week. As for me, I've got some comics to read, and some reviews to prep for later on. Until next time, X out!

The Random Scan of the Week!Yeah, I know I just posted this recently as part of a larger page, but I liked it so much it's also getting the Random Scan treatment.


  1. Important news: Though no one knows Threnody's location, Marvel reveals that she kept powers post M-day! What does this mean and about how old is her baby now?

  2. hey man
    new avengers this weeks was kickass
    the whole thing was norman recruting his new dark avengers
    final roster is

    Superia as ms marvel
    The Gorgon as Wolverine
    Ai Apaec The Decapitator as a 6-armed spider-man
    June Covington as The Scarlet Witch
    The Thor Clone Ragnarok
    osborn himself will take some form or another of the iron patriot

    and viper brings Hydra to the fold
    the gorgan - the hand
    Monica Rappaccini - AIM

    so there really going all out with this
    people have joked how its just sad that there really trying to drag on hammer and osborn when its dead at this point
    but damn if this issue didnt sale me on it
    im just leting u know this info sense ur not buying it

    also loveing the retro reviews keep em up :)

  3. Hye, Happy new comic day !!!
    I'm with twelve books this week.

    five from DC and seven from Marvel

    Batman And Robin #3
    Batwoman #3
    Demon Knights #3
    Frankenstein Agent Of S.H.A.D.E. #3
    Huntress #2 (of 6)
    Fear Itself #7.2
    Journey Into Mystery #631
    Magneto Not A Hero #1 (of 4)
    Point One #1
    Uncanny X-Force #17
    Wolverine #18
    X-Men Legacy #258

  4. See, that's really interesting, Radtrainer... It means that maybe, just maybe there ARE plans to bring Thren back as they did with Nate... Fingers crossed.

    There's a lot of good there, Movieartman, especially with Gorgon, Ragnarok and Trickshot there... I'm just kind of over Osborn now... I mean don't get me wrong, that sounds like a pretty kick-ass team, but I'd have preferred almost anybody else leading it! I don't know what's up with Bendis's obsession with Norman Osborn... But if you keep telling me this storyline is awesome, I'll prob pick up the trade down the road.

    We picked up a lot of the same Marvel books this week, Alien. It should be fun comparing thoughts on them... By the end of tonight I should have three of those comics up and posted already!

  5. Well, well, well, another comic week has crept up on me again. Another light week for the X Man. This is shocking, lol. I'm so used to the 20+ comic weeks!!! Enjoy it while ya can!!! ^_^

    Let's see I'll be awaiting your reviews for Deathstroke (Which better reveal the damn contents of the briefcase) and Suicide Squad. I'm a lil sad to see I Vampire hasn't shown up yet. I've been awaiting your review on that to see if I should give it another shot.

    With Modern Warfare 3 dropping yesterday, It's really going to be hard to get some reading in, lol. I'll try my best though.

    Happy Reading!!!

  6. Hola Toerag, just dropping ths off for ya.

  7. With you picking up Modern Warfare, I'm kind of shocked you had the time to stop by, Lisha! :P I figured you'd be playing the hell out of that game! Here's hoping it's awesome.

    You know JT, that wasn't that far off from how Sinister was acting... Oh, and who are you calling a toerag, sucka?!

  8. You, jabroni. That's how you and I would act if we had suits, which made me laugh even harder...

  9. Lol you know X, if I can take a day and spend it with JT and keep sane about not being able to play MW3. I sure as hell can make some time for my X-Man. ^_^

  10. Oh, I'd DEFINITELY be Prof. X if that's the case, JT... No doubt in my mind! :D

    I'd have just played Modern Warfare anyway, whether JT was there or not, Lisha! Plus I'd keep giving him hints to go away so I could play in peace! :P