Sunday, November 6, 2011

Amazing Spider-Man #673

How the hell didn't I get around to reading this comic book sooner?! Huh... Usually I'll put the new comic books I buy on Wednesday in the order I want to read them(so the comics I review on Wednesday and Thursday are the ones I can't wait to read), so I have NO idea why this comic wound up so low in my comic pile... Weird.

Amazing Spider-Man #673(Spider-Island tie-in):

Summary: This is actually the epilogue issue for Spider-Island, which makes it a really easy comic to review, so huzzah for me! With the Queen dead, all of the spider-creatures revert back to their human forms, which leads to Manhattan being full of naked people... Trust me, I grew up in Queens, that would NOT be a pretty picture! From there we discover that the Jackal actually didn't die at the Queen's hands(or scream I guess), but that one of his clones did. Jackal and his clones then go about getting getting a large sample of the Queen's bone marrow, which leaves Jackal nearly giddy at the possible evil plots he could create from that sample. Peter Parker sees Aunt May and John Jameson off at the airport, and is then met by Kaine, who is also leaving town on the advice of Madame Web. Peter sneaks home and finds his girlfriend Carlie packing her stuff and preparing to leave. Carlie reveals that she knew Peter was Spidey(which shocks the hell out of Peter) and she felt that Peter had been lying to her throughout their entire relationship, thus necessitating her breaking up with him. Peter angrily heads to Avengers Mansion to see why Dr. Strange's spell didn't prevent Carlie from learning his secret identity, and Strange tells Peter that by going online and revealing that he had spider-powers near the beginning of Spider-Island, he broke the spell and now anybody could discover his secret... D'oh! From there Peter heads to Horizon Labs and grabs a spider-power cure before being met on a rooftop by Madame Web. She tells Spidey he could take the cure and would lose his spider-powers as well as all and hardship that went with it, but that this was a one-time only offer. Spidey naturally refuses and Web tells him she was sorry for the loss that would be coming his way soon before leaving. Pissed by Web's cryptic talk, Spidey heads to Mary Jane and gives her the spider-cure shot since he didn't want to see her turn into a giant spider-creature. Spidey whines a bit about how his girlfriend left him and Eddie Brock was being called the hero of Manhattan for providing the spider-cure, but MJ manages to shut him up by showing him that Mayor Jameson was recognizing Spidey's role in Spider-Island by having the Empire State Building lit in his colors as a thank you.

Thoughts: This comic was what you'd call a stage setting comic book... It closed up the Spider-Island stuff while setting the stage for the Spidey stories to come. The dialogue was great(especially Jackal's parts... They were hysterical) while the art and story were solid. Sure, Spidey didn't face down some sort of earth shattering threat, but every now and then you need a breather, and that's exactly what this issue was... A very well written breather.

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.That mad scientist/computer line is literally one of the funniest things I've read all month!


  1. Sad to see Carlie go, hopefully they don't just shove Peter back to MJ and call it a day...

  2. You know that's how it's going to work out eventually, which makes NO sense since Marvel was so adamant about splitting them up... If they're going to get back together, why split them up in the first place!?