Monday, November 28, 2011

Iron Man 2.0 #10

Here's another Marvel series that's being canceled... And to be honest, while not a big surprise, that's really too bad. I've been enjoying Nick Spencer's take on War Machine, and the Palmer Addley storyline has been rather engrossing... Oh well. I guess I'll enjoy this one while I can...

Iron Man 2.0 #10:

Summary: While War Machine and his crew at the Pentagon know all there is to know about Palmer Addley, from his early life, to his work with the government, to his death, to his continued work after his death as a virus, Rhodey and company are at a loss as to how to stop somebody that had become a virus... Basically Rhodey flies around the world destroying robots Addley possessed people had been creating to spread anarchy, but he's basically simply putting out fires, not preventing them. While Rhodey is dealing with a rogue robot in China, a man at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago, who had Addley blood in him, literally explodes, showering several other people around him with the Addley contaminated blood. Rhodey gets word to get to the airport double-time, and upon arriving, finds the blood covered people attacking everything in sight, leaving him at a loss as to how to handle this new turn of events.

Thoughts: As I stated in the intro, I've enjoyed the Palmer Addley story from nearly the very start. I've always liked the War Machine character, he's a great counterpoint to Iron Man, and I like Nick Spencer's writing. It's really too bad this series is headed for the history books, because it has all of the right pieces to become something special. But alas, that is not to be...

Score: 8 out of 10.Great, they've gone all Resident Evil on each other...


  1. see now that is where the bloody gattling gun would come in handy but NOOOOOOO!!! you had to be all noble and give in to the whining about how guns kill
    ugh! sickning! (lol)

  2. HA! See, Rhodey was right all the time! Stupid Tony with his ghost tech and other fancy toys! THIS is why Rhodey needs that gattling gun!! :P