Saturday, November 19, 2011

Captain America #4

It's time for Captain America! Yeah, thus far this series has yet to really grab me, but it's written by Ed Brubaker, it's bound to get awesome soon, right?

Captain America #4:

What Happened: While Nick Fury, Sharon Carter and others hunt for Hydra and Jimmy Jupiter, Captain America is in Jimmy's fantasy world where everything is exactly how Cap always wanted it. Eventually Cap realizes that something is wrong and his paradise turns into a dirty, dingy hell. From there Bravo appears and rants about how that's what the real world looked like to him after he was expelled from Jimmy's fantasy world when Jimmy woke up. While Cap tries to battle Bravo in a world Bravo could alter to his will, Bravo's wife, um, Hydra Queen(?) is preparing to amplify Jimmy's powers to the point where he'd turn the real world into the fantasy world Bravo and Hydra Queen had been living in for the past 70 years. Sharon manages to shoot her way through Hydra's hordes and reaches the Hydra Queen and Jimmy, but is frozen when the Hydra Queen pulls a gun and aims it at Jimmy, threatening to kill the old man, trapping Cap in the fantasy world forever.

The Good: We finally know just what's going on with the story here. Bravo and his wife were disgusted by the real world and want to alter it to their Utopian world. Seeing Nick Fury back commanding people just seems right... I mean I liked Bucky as Cap and Steve as Commander Rogers, leader of the organization formerly known as SHIELD, but Fury back in charge just feels right... The fight between Cap and Bravo was cool since Bravo could control everything around the two.

The Bad: While I now know what the story here is about, I could care less about it. Bravo is an odd character in that(I think) he has some potential, but has thus far bored me. The cliffhanger wasn't exactly that great since the Hydra Queen killing Jimmy would trap Cap AND Bravo in the fantasy world as well as foil her plans, so you KNOW it's not happening.

The Verdict: Honestly? I'm glad the next issue is going to conclude this storyline. It just never clicked for me from the first part on. I can now firmly say, without a doubt, that this was the worst Ed Brubaker Captain America storyline I've ever read. With that said, do you want to know just how awesome Brubaker is as a writer? Even though I don't like this storyline it doesn't suck, I'd just classify it as not my cup of tea.

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.Well if nothing else this was a unique fight.

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