Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Morning Glories #14

The second review for tonight is for the only Image title I picked up this week, and is also one of the best comic books I read monthly. All I can say is that if you aren't reading Morning Glories, you should be.

Morning Glories #14:

What Happened: This issue jumps back and forth from the present to the past, Massachusetts 1693 to be exact. Since I haven't the foggiest notion as to what was going on in the past, I'll stick to the present. After Hunter yelled at Zoe in the hallways last issue, Zoe went to the bathroom to try to process what was happening to her. While there, she overheard some cheerleaders gossiping about her, which pissed her off. Zoe ended up heading outside for Woodrun, and made a beeline for Hunter and Jun, basically telling Hunter that for yelling at her earlier he'd have to become her slave, lest she flirted with some big jock and then sent said jock to beat the hell out of Hunter. That trio(Hunter, Jun and Zoe) end up getting paired together for the Woodrun event, and while Hunter wanted to try to find a way to escape, Zoe was more interested in acquiring whatever prizes would be given to the winners. While going through the woods, several strange occurrences take place, including the sky suddenly turning black and a downpour of rain(almost definitely due to Miss Hodge's actions last issue). The staff at the school begins to panic, and Mr. Gribbs practically orders Miss Daramount to alert the mysterious headmaster to the events of the day.

The Good: As always, the dialogue here was super-strong. I like the way the story here tied into the last issue, since both issues are occurring simultaneously. We keep getting mentions of this mysterious headmaster, which makes me even more intrigued to finally see him. Zoe deciding to take out her frustration on Hunter was completely in character for her, and some of her shots at Hunter made me legit laugh out loud.

The Bad: I'm still foggy on what Woodrun is all about... I had NO earthly idea what the stuff from 1693 meant. Gribbs seemed to be pulling rank on Daramount, which was odd since I had always thought Daramount had more power than Gribbs.

The Verdict: I really enjoyed this issue. Yeah, there were a few confusing things going on here, and it took me a few pages to figure out that this issue was happening at the same time as the prior issue, but those aren't the types of things that can ruin a comic for me. I'm sure the weird stuff from 1693 will be cleared up in due time and will add to the rich tapestry of this series. Sure, I wish Ike was in this issue, seeing as that Ike rules, but Zoe did a good job of being the asshole of the issue, so I was cool with Ike not showing up here. As always, I'm definitely looking forward to the next issue.

Score: 9 out of 10.Zoe was ON this issue!


  1. hi man i got to tell you your missing out on not reading justice league
    check thease out
    my thoughts exactly hal

    i vote for him too

  2. Eh. For me I refuse to read Justice League on principle. If Geoff Johns writes it, I won't read it, no matter what it is or who's in it. It's that simple. I mean it very well may be great and all, but I will not put one cent of my money into anything that supports Johns' work.

  3. grudges only hurt you in the end
    did you look at the pics tho?

  4. Eh. I'm saving money by not buying something I know I'd gripe about. I'm cool with that. I did check out the pics quickly, but it's mainly a bunch of characters I either don't care about anymore or who have been altered beyond recognition... MAYBE if Johns wasn't writing that series I'd consider it, but then again, I doubt I'd pay $4 to read about something I could easily read from my Showcase JLA trade... I mean I'm happy for the people who are enjoying it, but I'll prob never enjoy a Johns book again, so why make myself miserable by reading 'em?

  5. Excellent point on Gribbs, seems like he usually defers to Daramount yet he seemed like he ran things when he confronted her at the end... Interesting.

  6. Maybe he's in charge during emergencies? But yeah, that was def weird and unexpected when Gribbs was practically dragging Daramount around in this one.

  7. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if Gribbs had a twin brother like Jun... definitely explain his schizophrenic acting ass.