Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Generation Hope #13

Well, on the plus side, this comic can't POSSIBLY be as bad as Avengers #19 was... The bar is set REALLY low, Gen Hope, good luck!

Generation Hope #13:

What Happened: Hope's team(which now includes Pixie for some reason) has a training skirmish with Lord Summers' Extinction Team(and Boom Boom/Meltdown), which ends when Magneto tries to kill Zero. From there Hope notices a mutant signature on Cerebra and scolds the Stepford Cuckoos for not telling her about it. Before the Cuckoos can stop Hope, she's teleported with her team to Pakistan near the Chinese border and sends her troops out. Eventually they run into an American who looks suspiciously like Sebastian Shaw, who opens his coat, showing bombs, and blows himself, and presumably Hope's entire team up before Hope's astonished eyes.

The Good: The cliffhanger. That was the good in this one.

The Bad: Let's see, the battle with the X-Men, the conversation with the Stepford Cuckoos, Primal's still idiotic dialogue, Zero putting the moves on a brain, the trip to Pakistan, Pixie, Sebastian Shaw as a suicide bomber... Did I miss anything?

The Verdict: Gah, this sucked. And hard. Well, it would be bad form to drop a series that I JUST put back on my pull list, so I'll give this series at least one more issue(probably two knowing myself), but good god was this awful. Granted, it wasn't Avengers #19 terrible, but it was close. Now, while I detest almost every character in this one, I will say that Zero and Transonic have some potential. Hey, check me out, I just said something kind of nice about this series! I think I'll end this post there, since I'm sure everything else I type will be very negative.

Score: 2 out of 10.Well, as far as brains in jars go, I guess Zero could do worse...


  1. I didn't see why everyone got mad at Magneto because it looked like Zero was trying to kill Magneto. Oh well, this comic hasn't made much sense anyways.

    BTW, I believe Hope asked Pixie to join the team after she caught Velocidad making out with Pixie (when Hope and him were kind of seeing each other). She figures that since Pixie can teleport her team she can help mutants before they off themselves (like their last find).

  2. "Oh well, this comic hasn't made much sense anyways." HA! I guess that says it all about this series, doesn't it?

  3. and they still haven't gotten Transonic any pants!

  4. HA! I guess poor Transonic is going to stuck without pants forever...