Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Comic Day! November 30th edition

Hey there X-Maniacs! It's Wednesday, meaning it's time for yet another New Comic Day!! I am, as always, your magnanimous blog-meister, The X. Before we get started, this is my 601st post of the year, making this year my second most prolific blogging year since I started doing this whole blog thing, oh so many years ago... With only one month before 2012, I doubt I'll be able to reach the magical 700 plateau, but hell, 600+ posts in a single year is damn impressive if I do say so myself! And I do!

Anyway, enough patting myself on the back for not having a life and spending an inordinate amount of time blogging, let's get to the heart of this post and see which comics I brought home from the comic shop earlier today! Here's what I got: Fables #111, Daredevil #6, Thunderbolts #166, Ultimates #4, Uncanny X-Men #2 & Wolverine #19... Wait... So I only brought SIX comic books today?! What the HELL is going on here?!?! Wow... And since I'm not anywhere near caught up with Fables, that means I only have FIVE reviewable books in front of me! Well, that'll make the Pick and Runt of the Litter pretty easy I'd guess... This week's Pick of the Litter, or the comic book I most want to read is Wolverine #19. The past two issues have been surprisingly hilarious, and I'm expecting this issue to continue that trend. See, you don't always need dark, gritty Wolverine, as Jason Aaron is showing with this storyline. As for this week's Runt? I'm going to go with Ultimates #4, simply because Jonathan Hickman has a tendency to confuse the hell out of me at times. I mean Ultimates #4 and Daredevil #6 were basically neck and neck for being named the Runt, but after a flip of a coin(yes, literally), Ultimates takes that “honor”. With only FIVE comic books to review, I guess I'll do two reviews for Wednesday and Thursday, one review for Friday, and then... Well, I have no idea. I'll cross that bridge when I get to it on Saturday. And that's it. It's time for me to sit back and start reading what few new comics I have to read. As always, here's a random scan, and until later, X out.

The Random Scan of the Week!“hippie cult”... HA!!! Alan Scott is SO old...


  1. Yeah, is nice to have a light week occasionally.
    There are only 4 book for me.

    History Of The Marvel Universe (One Shot)
    Uncanny X-Men #2
    Wolverine #19
    X-Men Legacy #259

  2. I actually flipped through that history of the Marvel Universe but decided to put it back seeing as that I already know the history of the Marvel U! :P I didn't get X-Men Legacy(I'm waiting for the writer change before I start getting that series again), and I'll have reviews for both Wolvie and Uncanny up later on tonight. It was really weird walking out of the comic shop with only 6 books though... The guy at the shop gave me two preview guides though, so at least I can look through those!

  3. More time to play UMvC3 :) At least, that's what I'll be doing.

  4. Yeah, you sure know the history of the marvel U =) But I'm curios to know a little bit more about.. and I dont know how they are going to do it in one single issue

    and so far i'm enjoying the X-men legacy, with his crazy adventures in deep space. I learn a bit of the cosmic Marvel U.
    And this issue was pretty interesting with each character deciding were to stay (Crazy Mutant Island or New York)and the return of a character called Ariel (any idea who is she?)

  5. HA! Exactly, TRobb! Having beat the game with all 50 characters, I'm currently trying to beat the game on very hard with all 50 characters to get the very hard licenses... And I'm sure I don't have to tell you, that is TOUGH! I've got to ask, what's your favorite team? My best team looks something like this: Ghost Rider, _____, Iron Man. Here's hoping we get that Heroes/Heralds mode soon, this week would be ideal for me! :P

    After you read that Marvel History comic, let me know how it was, Alien... I mean if it's really good, I might pick it up just for the hell of it to add it to my collection! :P

  6. And again I will let you know about the History but, Are you sure that your collection need more comics?

    You did not tell me anything about Ariel, Who is she?

  7. Oh Alien... My collection ALWAYS needs more comics! :D

    Hmm... The only Ariel I can think of from the X-books was an alien mutant teleporter from an old mini-series... If you could give me a discription of what she looks like I could prob tell you more, but if the Ariel in Legacy is the one I'm thinking of, she's SUPER obscure...

  8. Sure, What I am thinking, how can you be called a collector anyway if you don't buy comics..

    mm I cant tell you how she looks like, since a women set in fire who Rachel called Ariel is the only thing of her a could see (as a clifanger), apparently she died in some way involved with fire. I will wait until the next issue to have a description of her.

  9. Okay, I seriously won't be reading anything you're getting this week BUUUUUUT what type of friend who I be if I didn't come comment and harass you!!! Lol.

    But first off, congrats on a spectacular year of blogging. 600+ in a year is amazing. And you still have a month to go!!!! So proud!!

    Also....6 comics this week? Really? Well, I can't say anything since JT and I are only getting Uncanny X-Men, lol. I expecting there to be a slew of books after thanksgiving and all. Guess the comic book universe was being nice to those who spent up their money after Black Friday,lol. Well in that case, enjoy the free time!!! lol.

  10. "Sure, What I am thinking, how can you be called a collector anyway if you don't buy comics.." HA!! Exactly! As for Ariel, I can only think of the one Ariel, the alien teleporter... Maybe it was a character that was introduced in X-Men Legacy, which would explain why I don't know them.

    It's not harassment if I want you here, Lisha! Now when JT stops by, THAT'S harassment! :P Thank you, Lisha. I'd love to have reached 700 for the year, but I don't see myself reaching 100 posts for December, especially with how light the month is going to start of with only a handful of reviews. Huh, I didn't even think of that... Maybe the comic industry was like, "Well, since everybody spent up their money on Black Friday, let;s not release anything!" It would make sense...

  11. Ooo you're such the ladies man ;-) with that smooth talk.

    And you're very welcome. Reaching 600 is a nice milestone and it would be awesome to see you reach 700. It's insane at the low number of comics coming out this month. I mean I'm sure the pockets will love it, but you just feel lost when you go to the shop and only leave with a few comics, lol. Usually that means you're bound to pick up a trade or something....which means more money is being spent, lol.

    And you know that's the ONLY excuse I can think of for the small comic week. With the most expensive time of the year coming up would they would slow down on the comics. But hell...why make us loyal readers suffer because they're afraid of low sales, lol. Hell I would love to give out comic book subscriptions as gifts instead of going from store to store trying to find what you hope is the perfect gift. Bah humbug I say!! lol.

  12. It was funny, because when I was walking out of the comic shop I was telling the guy at the counter that I just felt wrong leaving with such a small bag of books! I was tempted to look at the trades, but I forced myself not to... It was hard to do, but I was like, "X, this is probably the only week you're gonna have extra money in your pockets... Don't spend it on a trade!" :P

    Agreed! I am so happy that my sister is into comics... I'll just go and pick up a mess of trades for her and then take her off my list! I wish everybody was that simple!

  13. Comics are an addiction, lol. It's like mentally I can't just go in there and get a few comics and just leave. It's like something goes off and I'm like "I Need more." lol. And even if I do go in and get my weekly issues, I'm always picking up a trade for them to hold for me. Lol. It's a never ending cycle that i love. lol.

    You're sister is so awesome, lol. I can't get my brother to sit down long enough to read a comic let alone join the Comic Cult with me and JT lol. And it's the same with JT, I could see myself just remembering him talking about a trade he wants and getting it for him for a gift or whatever. And if not, I could always get him a statue or something comic related. I love how simple he is.

  14. Alien,

    I read the Legacy issue you are talking about and Ariel is the same one that X-man is talking about. She is a alien teleporter who uses doors (IIRC) which explains the references to doors in that issue. From what I read she died in Legacy so it looks like they are bringing her back and from Rogue's experiences in this mini-arc we will probably learn why she will go with Wolvie (besides Cyclops always being a jerk to her).

  15. Hey X, I'm still in the experimenting phase, haven't really settled on a team. The Capcom characters seem really buff this time around, my favorite so far is probably Vergil, Dante, Task/Doom (love their assists!). I liked Zero and Dormammu from og marvel 3, but haven't even tried them out yet in the new one. So many characters, so little time.

    I gave Iron Man a run and liked his assists, but his normal attacks were too awkward for me when I used him on point. Glad to hear you're still having fun with the game though, I see myself playing this for a while.

  16. he is The Man

  17. "Comics are an addiction" Lisha, I've told people this for years now! It's absolutely true. I readily admit that I'm addicted to collecting comic books. Hey, the way I see it, it's way better to be addicted to comic collecting than other vices! "I love how simple he is." Exactly. I mean sure, I have to think about a series I'm pretty sure she'd like, but that's WAY easier than figuring out what to get for my mother... I still don't know what I'm getting my mom! :P My sister though? Next time I'm at the comic shop, I'll go through the trades and back issues, find something I know she'd like, and presto, done! :D

    Vergil is AWESOME, TRobb. I'm also a huge fan of the Devil May Cry series(I STILL occasionally play DMC 3), and playing as Vergil in 3 was probably my favorite thing to do. I love Doom in this game too. If I'm not using IM as my designated projectile character(agreed on his normal attacks, but his unibeam and repulsor blast rules), Doom's a GREAT choice. The only reason I tend to favor IM over Doom is that IM's Hyper(d,df,f ATK) is stronger than any of Doom's(although Doom's d,db,b ATK isn't terrible), even when blocked. But Doom's normal attacks are WAY better than any of IM's normal attacks. Zero I'm kind of meh to(I still have some practicing to do with him), but Dormammu is pretty awesome. Some of his Hyper attacks are just plain wicked, although I can't really pull off great combos with him. Taskmaster is a character I desperately WANT to be good with but haven't been able to master yet... Same with Nova. I WANT to use Nova practically every match, but the CPU just butchers me on Very Hard when I have Nova or Taskmaster. I am determined to master Nova though!

  18. Yep unibeam and repulsor blast are awesome, hence their great use as assists. You are also right, Doom's supers don't quite provide the screen-clearing ability of iron man's proton cannon (though aerial photon array [d,db,b ATK] is pretty darn good, especially since it hits people on the ground). If you like the beam supers, taskmaster's arrow super works similarly to proton cannon, with the added luxury of being able to shoot it in any direction you need in the air. It just takes a little while for the aiming to become intuitive, since you use different buttons to do the super depending on the direction you want.

    Dormammu's combos are a bit tricky - you have to cancel his moves faster than with other characters. But it feels damn good to pop someone off the ground with purification (the vertical column special), then bring the pain with his chaotic flame super!

    Good luck with learning Nova (I haven't tried him yet), characters like him with low life you have to have his combos down pretty well.

    Over the weekend I started messing with super skrull, I really like him too. Long range unblockable throws you can combo from are the awesomeness :)

  19. HA! It's funny you mention Taskmaster, TRobb, because for the longest time I had NO idea why I was always shooting his arrows in an upward motion while the computer was shooting then straight at me! :D Yes, sad. I know... I wound up taking him into training and doing all sorts of things(holding up on the controller, holding down buttons), before the light bulb FINALLY went off in my head! I love finishing out aerial combos with Doom's aerial photon array. If you can place that properly, that can do TONS of damage. That's the ONLY gripe I have with ghost Rider, that out of his three hypers, NONE of them can be activated in the air.

    As for Nova, he's still a work in progress for me. He's awesome in the air, and his special attacks are really good against the CPU on lower levels, but actually popping his opponents up for his excellent air combos is another story...

    Agreed on Super Skrull. He can be a BEAST when you get him down. His specials are varied, his hypers are good, and you can mix in some great combos with him. He's def somebody that can easily be overlooked, but is def worth a couple of plays.

  20. Sorry for the late reply, been on busy mode at work, lol. Had you told me three years ago I'd be spending hundreds on comics I think I'd laugh in your face, lol. And I told my mom that comics were an addiction and she said she's glad it's that and not something else. So X, I think a lot of people are agreeing with you sir.

    And I know exactly what I'm getting my brother, mom and JT, but my dad....I'm completely lost on. He's always like "Don't worry a card is enough." BUT, in my opinion it isn't enough. lol. I have some brainstorming to do. lol.

  21. Oh, no problem, Lisha. I'm hoping I end up getting into that same busy work mode soon. All of these comic books aren't going to pay for themselves! :P

    Ah, see you're doing way better with your X-Mas list than I am, Lisha! I should have my sister done by Wednesday... And that's it! :/ It must be a parent thing, 'cause my mom says the same thing! But like you said, I could never just hand her a card and be done with it... Oh well, I've still got some time left over before X-Mas, right? :P