Wednesday, November 2, 2011

MAJOR Fear Itself #7.1 spoiler!

I'm not going to have the time to do a full post for Fear Itself #7.1 until later on tonight, but I couldn't resist talking about it before then... If you don't want to read a major spoiler, turn back now... Still there? Okay... Bucky Barnes is STILL alive!!!!!!! HUZZAH!!!! Basically Nick Fury gave him the last of the Infinity Formula and Bucky managed to pull through! Again, HUZZAH!!! And to make things EVEN better, in 2012 we have a Winter Soldier series written by Ed Brubaker to look forward to, starring Bucky. So yes, I am beyond overjoyed! As I said, I'll be back later on tonight with a full review of Fear #7.1, but now is a time to rejoice, one of my favorite comic characters is alive and getting his own solo series. Make Mine Marvel! With that, X out!


    man i wonder if the other fear itself .1's will have suprises this big.................. probley not :(

    in other news
    upcoming venom issues look promising
    wish they wouldnt blur the art so much to conva action as they did here

    and the jewel whore to hook up with walking fish AGAIN!
    that said that white/blue armored thing looks cool


  3. I'm glad I wasn't the only one psyched by Bucky's return this issue!

    I can't imagine the other point-issues could possibly top this one, Movieartman! This issue probably should have come out last because the other two can't hope to reach the awesomeness that was this one.

    That Venom vs Cap battle looks spectacular! I can't wait to get my hands on that one. I guess Emma really does want some of that fish lovin'. I can't wait for Lord Summers to find out... Then he'll know exactly what it was like for Jean.

  4. This was the BEST news I could have ever asked for. Of course it was just a matter of when Bucky would come back, and I'm SO glad it's this soon! And then the confirmation of the WS series...Bru and the other folks at Marvel in charge of this are my favorite people right now.

    I loved Bucky Cap, of course, but he was always best as WS, so it's fantastic to see him and Steve back in their proper identities. This has pushed out Swamp Thing by a long shot for my #1 most anticipated book.

    I'm really curious to see what direction the WS book will take. Will he largely be fighting old WWII/Cold War enemies like before, or new stuff? I also wonder how much he'll show up in the Cap book, and if there'll be any connection between this and Cap & Bucky. 3 monthly Cap/Bucky books for Bru...that's pretty crazy, but after this long I have no reason to doubt his ability to tell a great Cap story.

  5. "This was the BEST news I could have ever asked for" Agreed! I was positively giddy after reading this issue. I mean I had hoped Bucky would return down the road, but wasn't sure when/if it would happen and how Bucky would be. Him coming back this soon(and getting his OWN series!!) was like the best news I could have read!

    That's the great thing about the WS series, there are SO many ways Brubaker CAN take it. I suspect Bucky will be picking up where he left off after the Gulag story and looking for those other sleeper agents, but he could also do a mess of other things. As for Cap, that's a good question... Since Bucky is supposed to be dead, I wonder if he'll stay away from Steve to keep up that illusion(I hope not!). I read somewhere(and I could be wrong) that Brubaker is going to keep writing Cap and WS but will be more or less a consultant for Cap and Bucky now and stop actively writing it. But as long as he has a hand in it I'm sure it'll still be great.