Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wolverine #18

Last comic review for the night. We'll finish today up with the latest issue of Wolverine. When I post this, I'll have reviewed 6 of the 12 comics I picked up this week, and I'll switch to reviewing 2 comics for the next three nights. That means I get to have some fun come Monday and Tuesday... I'm not sure what I'll do yet(I have some ideas, naturally) so if you have any recommendations, let me hear 'em.

Wolverine #18:

Summary: Wolverine and Gorilla Man end up being forced to surrender to the Jade Claw's forces when Wolvie's allies, a small boy and his elderly martial arts master are caught by dragons. From there the Jade Claw's forces tie Wolvie and the monkey to the dragons for some good old quartering action. With that, the leader of the Jade Claw's forces(some feeb named Soul Striker) pushes the old man into a bottomless pit and leaves with the kid. After some struggling, Wolvie and Gorilla Man get free of the dragons and run into Fat Cobra, who tells them he had gotten lost in the tunnels connecting San Fransisco to China. From there we head to the Jade Claw herself, who, in true villain fashion, tells the boy brought to her by her forces that she intended to become the world's greatest drug dealer before sending the boy to her underground poppy fields to toil away for her. Wolvie and company come across some more dragons, and Wolvie plans on following them since he figures they'd take him back to Jade Claw at which time he could save the boy, avenge his master and get back the money the Jade Claw's goons stole from him. Unfortunately, Fat Cobra is too hungry to listen and attacks the trio of dragons, with plans to eat them. Wolvie comes up with the ingenious plan to let the dragons eat him, and has his comrades allow for the same fate. This issue ends with Wolvie, the talking monkey and Fat Cobra sneaking towards the Jade Claw's base Trojan Horse style.

Thoughts: This was easily one of the funnier comic books I've read this month... It's just all so ludicrous! Seriously, Wolverine, a talking monkey and a fat guy are wandering around underground tunnels and fighting dragons all so Wolvie could save a kid, avenge his master who was pushed into, what was described as a “bottomless pit”, and get back the money that was stolen from him from back when he was the crime boss of Chinatown in San Fran... Add an insanely over the top villain and her underground poppy fields and you have one hell of a funny comic. It all just works perfectly here. Who knew Jason Aaron was so funny?!

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.So what exactly is this storyline about? Well it's about Wolvie “Finding the people who stole my money. And kidnapped my friend. And threw my Kung Fu master down a bottomless pit.” How could you NOT want to read this storyline!?


  1. Totally agree with you, This issue is fun all the road.

    And the first time I enjoy a comic with a talking Gorilla.

  2. Big Trouble in Little China anyone? I'll skip this arc, but it sounds like good campy fun.

  3. Yeah, that's exactly what this comic/storyline is, good fun. And with how serious the first 15/16 issues of this series was, I'm completely fine with that.