Friday, November 18, 2011

Deadpool #46

It's Deadpool vs EVIL Deadpool! 'Nuff said!

Deadpool #46:

Summary: This issue gets started proper with Deadpool heading to his favorite Mexican restaurant in New Jersey, only to find that some fiend had blown it up. The fiend? EVIL Deadpool!!! Needless to say, the two Deadpool's meet and the fight is on. The two battle for a while until they run out of ammo, at which time they decide to reschedule the fight for later on after they'd reequipped... HA!!! Deadpool heads to the warehouse where he kept his good toys, but alas, EVIL Deadpool, knowing what Pool was going to do, had arrived first and had gotten his hands on Pool's good weaponry. However, it turns out Pool had rigged all of his good weapon warehouses with explosives after he ran afoul Norman Osborn back during the bad old HAMMER days, and blows the place up. Pool smugly figures that the explosion had killed EVIL Deadpool, until he thinks about it and realizes that if he had been able to take cover, EVIL Deadpool probably did as well. Pool turns around and finds EVIL Deadpool standing behind him with an automatic rifle, taunting him. Pool is pissed by this turn of events and tells EVIL Deadpool to just pull the trigger and finish it, but instead, EVIL Deadpool surprises Pool by ducking out out of sight. Pool is obviously confused by THAT turn of events, and stands there trying to figure out what EVIL Deadpool was going to do next, seeing as that they share the same brain and all. Pool is suddenly smashed in the head by a flying shield, which surprises him since that's NOT the move he would have made in EVIL Deadpool's shoes. When Pool turns to deal with what he figured would be EVIL Deadpool, he is shocked to see Captain America(!!!) standing there, telling Deadpool he was being taken in.

Thoughts: This... Comic... Was... AWESOME!!! First off, I must have laughed through the ENTIRE issue... And as I've said before, the main thing I want out of a Deadpool comic is to be entertained, and I sure as hell was with this one. Besides that, the story, the dialogue and the art? They were fantastic. The interaction between Pool and EVIL Deadpool was flat out perfect. And the Cap appearance at the end? I NEVER saw that coming for one second. Now I score Deadpool comic books a bit differently than I score regular comic books in that I'll score it higher if it's funny even if other aspects of it aren't up to snuff. With that said, not only does this comic get a 10 as a Deadpool comic, it gets a 10 as a regular comic. This one ruled.

Score: 10 out of 10.Why did he do it? Because he's EVIL! That's why!

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