Monday, November 28, 2011

Justice League Dark #3

Okay, this is one of THOSE comics... What do I mean by that? If I don't enjoy reading it, I'll be dropping it since this is the third issue of my try-out period. There's not really anything else to say...

Justice League Dark #3:

What Happened: Constantine wakes Zatanna up and Z tells Constantine that she had put herself in a protective trance to avoid being killed by the Enchantress. Meanwhile, Madame Xanadu sends Shade, The Changing Man(that is the WORST name ever, imho) to try to recruit first Deadman(who ignores Shade since he was busy protecting June Moone from the Enchantress), before settling on Mindwarp, who seems to be able to murder people via his astral projection. This issue ends with the Enchantress finally tracking down June and Deadman and preparing to bond(?) with June.

The Good: We finally got to see more than just Deadman and Dove in this issue! As a matter of fact, Dove didn't even appear here, making that a HUGE plus in my eyes. Zatanna and Constantine(who SHOULD be getting a majority of the page time) did a little bit more than in last issue. Horrible name aside, I was happy to see Shade, The Changing Man do stuff this issue. Really, everybody who is supposed to be a member of this title did substantial stuff, so in my eyes, that's really good! The cliffhanger has me interested in picking up issue #4.

The Bad: There was still WAY too much Deadman in this issue... What the hell? Did I miss a memo or something? Is this series actually “Deadman and the Justice League Dark”? After seemingly turning evil last issue, Xanadu was back to her normal self, which was a bit confusing. While Zatanna and Constantine were on more pages this issue than last, they still aren't being showcased as they should be... And that's not even me being a big mark for those two characters, just check out CBR's top 50 DC characters list for 2011... You have Z and Constantine on the list, and Deadman no where to be seen, thus proving that no matter how badly Geoff Johns and company want Deadman to get over, it's not working... Give the people what they want!!!

The Verdict: The cliffhanger, as well as getting to see more than just Deadman, saved this series from being dropped. Plain and simple. I was honestly all prepared to dust my hands of this series and drop it, but getting to see some other characters, a story that's SLOOOOWLY developing, as well as a strong cliffhanger had me sticking around for at least one more issue. Unless something awesome or terrible happens in the forth issue, I'll be collecting this series on an issue-by-issue basis, but hey, that's better than simply dropping it, no?

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.But... But where's Deadman?!?!?


  1. Lol Talking of deadman.. if you look at the comics that are over Mindwarp's bed.. are the flashpoint tie ins "Deadman and the flying Grayson's" and "secret seven" the late written by milligan.

    Now, with this issue this series are getting better for me. And I concur with you that is a terrible name, even more if you consider that there already is a character with the name Shade.

    I just hope that in issue 4 something really happen.Enough setting already.

  2. Yaaay!!! You haven't lost all hope!!! lol. This warms my heart. :) Glad to see this issue was interesting enough to keep you reading. I have to get my butt in gear and read this. I seriously have about 20 comics to read, lol. Since I have NOTHING coming out this week....I will use this week to catch up, lol.

  3. "And I concur with you that is a terrible name, even more if you consider that there already is a character with the name Shade." & "I just hope that in issue 4 something really happen.Enough setting already." Agreed and agreed, Alien. It's really time to get all of the characters on this team together to deal with the Enchantress already... It's SLOOOOOWLY coming together, but like you said, I'm hoping we finally get all of the characters together in issue #4.

    This series is still on the brink, Lisha, but I'm still sticking it out... At least on an issue to issue basis. "I seriously have about 20 comics to read" HA!! Trust me, I know THAT feeling! ;)

  4. Lol, you know what? You've stuck around longer than I thought. I didn't think you'd give this the "Issue 3" treatment like the others. I did quite a bit of reading today so I think I'll be getting to this issue tonight sometime.

    I hope you don't get that feeling this week, lol. I wonder how many issues the amazing X man will be picking up this time?

  5. I'm kind of surprised I stuck it out with this series too, Lisha... I keep expecting it to be great, that's prob why I'm still giving it a chance. Seriously, with some of the characters in it and the writer, it SHOULD be great!

    I'm actually not expecting very many comics this week, Lisha. I'm gonna check the comic list in a few and write down what I'll be snagging at the shop tomorrow, but after giving the list a quick look yesterday, I'm expecting a very light week.

  6. Zatanna is the main reason I'm keeping interest in this series. Since they took her own series away after the reboot, I kind of miss reading stuff with her. And the mystery within the series as well kind of keeps me interested. I just hope the series really takes off from this point on.

    I hope the series keep you interested for a lil bit longer lol.

  7. Z is the main reason I'm sticking it out with this series as well, Lisha. I like Constantine and all, but like you said, since Z doesn't have her own series anymore, this is the only place to read about her, so I'm also hoping things REALLY take off from here.