Sunday, November 13, 2011

Batman and Robin #3

And the last new comic book I'll be reading and reviewing until Wednesday? The comic that was at the bottom of my new comic pile, and as such was the comic book I was least looking forward to reading? None other than Batman and Batman #3! I mean the first two issues of this series have been... Wait, what? That's not the title of this series? It's actually called Batman and Robin?! Balderdash says I! As I was saying, this series has been okay, but the dynamic between the Dynamic Duo still feels somewhat off for me. Maybe things will right themselves with this issue. Or maybe not. What the hell do I know?

Batman and Robin #3:

What Happened: Batman won't let Robin go out on patrol with him since Bats was still trying to draw Nobody out of hiding. Robin won't hear of that and decides to leave anyway, but not before Alfred manages to sneak a tracking device on Robin. Robin manages to beat up some thugs, but is soon confronted by Nobody, who kills the thugs for Robin. Nobody then hits Robin with a paralyzing blow, revealing he knew his secret identity(of course he does!). Bats, who had been following the tracking device, attacks Nobody but is defeated. This issue ends with the Dynamic Duo tied up in an old car being forced to watch a movie by Nobody... Yes, really.

The Good: Alfred was surprisingly awesome in this one. The action scene between Robin and the thugs was fun. Batman considering Robin his son as opposed to his sidekick is an interesting dynamic that begs further inspection.

The Bad: Yes, I know I railed about this last issue, but does EVERYBODY know Batman and Robin's secret identity? The cliffhanger here was one of the weakest I've read in quite some time... THAT was supposed to make me want to read the next issue? That last page did a HUGE job of hurting my enjoyment of what was, before that final page, a borderline above average comic book. Batman being taken down by Nobody with such ease seemed wrong.

The Verdict: Scorewise, this comic was an easy 7 1/2, with a shot at an 8 before the cliffhanger scene... It was that horrible. I honestly don't get why I'd want to pick up the next issue after that last page. So I can read about Batman and Robin watching a film put together by Nobody? Um yeah, no. Overlooking the last scene(which is hard to do since it's what leaves the lingering taste in my mouth), this was a really good comic book. The characterizations between Robin, Alfred and Batman were all nicely done. But that last scene...

Score: 7 out of 10.So he's going to put on porn, right?


  1. "but does EVERYBODY know Batman and Robin's secret identity?"

    No! NOBODY knows their secret identity (please stop clapping)

    now, Morgan (nobody) has train with Henri Ducard, and he already knew Bruce's secret Identity so just for discard should know that Damian is Robin.

  2. "No! NOBODY knows their secret identity" HA!!!! That was awesome, Alien! I tip my hat to you for that one.

    Yeah, I know how Nobody knows Bats is Bruce and so on, but it still bugs me a bit. I just figure that Batman's secret identity should be something that VERY few people know, and hardly any of his villains. But in the first three months of the reboot, there are TONS of people who know directly that Bruce is Batman, or know the identities of his former Robins(Dick, Jason and Tim), which should allow them to deduct that if *former Robin* is *real name* then Bruce Wayne MUST be Batman.

  3. Let see I agree that Saiko ald Haley knowing Nightwing and Batman secret identity was dumb and unnecessary

    Second,For what I understand the guys from NOWHERE were after Tim Not cuz he was Robin or Red Robin they are after Metahumans.
    He was Blogging and doing his own WIkileaks against them. So their was after Tim not Red Robin.

  4. Haha, that was excellent Alien! I legit laughed at that. And I enjoyed this issue, I think the reason Bats was taken down so easily is because he has a plan, clearly he used Damian as a pawn by not allowing him to patrol, and this was even foreshadowed by Alfred during the chess game.

  5. I'd be fine with NOWHERE being after Tim, but didn't Tim escape from them using his Red Robin equipment? I haven't read Teen Titans #2 yet, and barely recall Teen Titans #1, but I could have sworn he glided away from them... But I COULD def be wrong about that, like I said, I really don't remember much about TT #1, so if I am wrong, I apologize in advance.

    Could be, JT. That's something the other Batman would have done. Would Bats use his own son as a pawn against Nobody is the question though?

  6. Mi apologies, I check it and the guy from NOWHERE called Tim By "Red Robin"..unless this was his Alias in the web I was wrong...

    What is weird because in issue two he makes an effort to protect his Identity...

  7. Eh, no problem, I wasn't sure myself with the Teen Titans stuff... I'm just hoping issue #2 is FINALLY at my comic shop this Wednesday!

    It'd be weird for Tim to use the alias Red Robin online though! That would almost be like him begging people to figure out who he was! "I'm Tim Drake, call me Red Robin... But not THAT Red Robin!" :P

  8. Hey dont miss this stunning piece of art

  9. Hey, check out Liefeld toning down his ULTRA-muscular male characters with that Batman! I'm sure he looks identical to Cable under the mask, but at least he's trying. :P

  10. And there seems to be a nice x-over between the Wildstorm books


  12. That x-over is cool in theory... But I can't help but think those books would be helped WAY more by crossing over with something like Batman. Most likely the fans buying those three titles aren't really the mainstream DC fans who buy the Batman books. IMO, DC should have tried to reach out to the large contingent of Bat-fans to try to get them interested in one of the three Wildstorm books.