Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Mutants #34

First comic on tap for the night? The newest issue of X-Man and the New Mutants! What? That's what I'd name this series if I worked at Marvel... I mean come on, Nate Grey is in it! He should be on EVERY page if you ask me! But I digress... Here's the review.

New Mutants #34:

Summary: This is a pretty easy one to review actually. The New Mutants move into their apartment in San Fransisco and begin to research their first non-Crazy Mutie Island mission, tracking down Blink. It seems she'd been spotted a few times over the course of the past few months saving people, but that there's always been some sort of atmospheric anomaly anywhere she's been. For some unexplained reason, the team decides to go to Michigan where a band named Diskhord was playing, which is exactly where Blink herself was going... Did I miss something here? Anyway, while flying over the stadium the band was preforming in, the New Mutants' Blackbird is struck by some weird lighting that was coming from the band.

Thoughts: Um... What? Here's the good... I liked the beginning parts of this issue, and any comic that has several pages with Nate is okay in my book. But the story... Ugh. An electricity wielding rock band? And what the hell does Blink have to do with any of it... And why did the team decide to track down that band? I didn't get this one at all, but at least for me, it had Nate in it. For you non-Nate fans, good luck reading this issue.

Score: 7 out of 10.Why did I post this page? Because Nate was on all the panels. That's why.

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