Saturday, November 12, 2011

Journey Into Mystery #631

The first review for today is the last new Marvel comic book in my pile, meaning we have a day and a half of DC books coming up after this... So yeah, brace yourself for that.

Journey Into Mystery #631:

Summary: We kick this off with a recap of the events of Fear Itself #7.2, which I can happily ignore since I already reviewed that particular comic. From there we find Loki betraying the Disir, by sending them to Mephisto, which actually helps Loki accomplish another goal of his... With the Disir now in Mephisto's domain, Loki warns the All-Mother of this news since Hela and Asgard's dead were located in a corner of Mephisto's Hell... Seeing as that the Disir eat Asgardian souls(or something along those lines) Asgard's dead being so close to the Disir could definitely be seen as a bad thing... As such, the All-Mother allows Hela to return to her former domain of Niffleheim. Hela is naturally pleased and tells Leah to remain with Loki since he still had other promises to fulfill. Loki hides Leah(his BFF) in a hole in the ground before heading back to the chamber of the All-Mother. The three female leaders of Asgard tell Loki that they wanted him to serve as their secret knife in Asgard, telling them what was occurring in their kingdom. In return for Loki's secretive services, the All-Mother wouldn't reveal to the Asgardians that Loki had freed Surtur from his imprisonment in Limbo. From there the scene shifts one final time and we head to Muspelheim, the home of Surtur, where we discover the massive fire demon hard at work on a new weapon...

Thoughts: This was a perfectly acceptable comic book. It set the stage for the future, and gave Loki a new direction, as a sleeper agent of sorts for the All-Mother. Besides that, we had Mephisto still corresponding with Loki, Hela still expecting something else from Loki, and Surtur planning anew. So while this wasn't my favorite issue of this series, it was still a good, solid issue that laid some groundwork for future events, and hey, every series needs an issue like that every now and then.

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.If Kieron Gillen had a Mephisto series, I KNOW I'd buy it!

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