Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Flash #2

It's time for the next issue of the Flash! And I'm not talking about the sucky current series, I'm talking about the AWESOME Wally West series. Let's get to it!

Flash #2:

What Happened: Wally manages to defeat the suddenly magical Vandal Savage by tossing him into the magic Savage surrounded his apartment with. From there, Wally cashed his lottery ticket which was good for six and a half million(!). Wally takes his girlfriend Magenta out to dinner but the two are interrupted by another attack by Savage. Wally manages to toss Savage out the 27th story window of the restaurant, but Savage teleports to safety. With Savage gone for now, Wally begins spending money like crazy, buying a Porsche and ending this issue by buying a mansion.

The Good: I'm enjoying the Wally West: Millionaire parts of this comic. The battle between Wally and Savage in the restaurant was a fun little romp.

The Bad: The battles between Savage and Wally ended inconclusively both times... The way Wally defeated Savage the first time was particularly weak. I found myself getting bored during parts of this comic.

The Verdict: This issue was definitely a step back from the last one. Sure, we got two battles between Wally and Vandal Savage, but they didn't really go anywhere... I guess that's my main qualm with this issue, it didn't really go anywhere. Wally fought Savage(to two no-contests) and started burning through his money... Not exactly the most interesting of comics.

Score: 6 out of 10.Wait, how does looking at somebody constitute taunting them?!

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